Saturday, February 4, 2012

korean issues the japanese war crimes in youtube

  • @sakura0jp0aikidodesu in WW2, Many koreans worked as forced labors in japanese mining town, the number of labors were 670,0000. they were abused because of japanese, and often they died by beating of japanese and hard work.
  • @sakura0jp0aikidodesu In 1923, there was a earthquake in かんとう. at that times many japanese killed 6,000 koreans because of rumor. japanese killers insisted like you; koreans raped girl and stole japanese wealth, so koreans should be killed.
  • @sakura0jp0aikidodesu After japanese troops were defeated by U.S. ARMY, brutal japanese killed so many Military Sexual Slaves for the destruction of evidence. but still remains some survivors attest the truth of japanese bad masscre.

 @sakura0jp0aikidodesu  In 1919, many koreans killed by japanese cops because of 3.1 independence movement. sometimes cops and soldiers killed whole people even babys in village, especilly in Jeam-ri.  And Many Korean women  were abducted by Japanese, and they became Japanese Military Sexual Slavery forcibly.


@sakura0jp0aikidodesu Jung Ok-Sun, comfort woman survivor, testified the burying alive of comfort women, and brutal tortures of japanese soldiers. she said these things in U.N.Commission on Human Rights 52th convention.
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@sakura0jp0aikidodesu Most of them are Korean women kept in the Jao camo, japanese millitary camp.
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@sakura0jp0aikidodesu september 13th, 1944 in china, japanese soldiers killed 30 comfort women. Frank manwarren, american photograper, took the picture.
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@sakura0jp0aikidodesu my maternal grandfather supplied the sinews of war to the independence fighters, and he was arrested and tortured by japanese cops. in korean war, my maternal grandfather was just a ordinary person at that times, so he fleed for safety with his family.
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