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The reasons why I am skeptical with Korean comfort women by Tonchanmon

The reasons why I am skeptical with Korean comfort women

Since Korean economy is in disaster, the Korean government seems to get financial aid from Japan by provoking comfort women issue.
If you are following the issue from beginning, you suppose to know it was originally provoked by Asahi Shimbun.
Later Asahi Shimbun admitted that they made up "kidnapping" girls but didn't correct the article.
The article was about the girls taken by force to become comfort woman from Jejudo.

Jejudo locals denied the article in those days.
However, because of nation wide revisionism and anti-Japan mentality, comfort women myth became a nationalist bible and objective views were not allowed in Korean society. p

The issue isn't whether comfort women existed or not but whether Korean comfort women were sex slaves or commercial prostitutes.
I list the reasons why I am skepticle to see them as slaves.

1. They Were Getting Paid.

Psychological Warfare Team
Attached to U.S.Army Forces India-Burma Theator
APO 689

Japanese Prisoner
of War Interrogation
Report No. 49. Place interrogated : Ledo Stookade
Date Interrogated : Aug. 20 - Sept. 10, 1944
Date of Report : October 1, 1944
By : T/3 Alex Yorichi
Prisoners : 20 Korean Comfort Girls
Date of Capture : August 10, 1944
Date of Arrival : August 15, 1994
at Stookade
"They lived in near-luxury in Burma in comparison to other places. This was especially true of their second year in Burma. They lived well because their food and material was not heavily rationed and they had plenty of money with which to purchase desired articles."
"The "house master" received fifty to sixty per cent of the girls' gross earnigs depending on how much of a debt each girl had incurred when she signed her contract. This moant that in an average month a girl would gross about fifteen hundred yen. "

Former comfort woman Mun Ok Ju came to Japan inn 1992 to file lawsuit for getting back the money she earned by "comfort women."
Here's her saving record in Japan Postal Saving.
Between June 1943(S18) to September 1945(S20) was her comfort woman stint.

S18.3.6 500Yen
S18.7.10 700Yen
S18.8.15 550Yen
S18.9.18 900Yen
S18.10.2 780Yen
S18.11.6 820Yen
S19.2.12 6Yen
S19.2.16 950Yen
S19.3.30 85Yen
S19.5.18 100Yen
S19.6.21 800Yen
S20.4.4 5560Yen
S20.4.26 5000Yen
S20.5.23 10000Yen
S20.9.29 300Yen
Total 21491 Yen

The average Japanese soldier's monthly salary was about 15 to 25 Yen.(Hata 1999 p270)
(Increase of Mun's salary in S20 was result of inflation)

2.Comfort Women Recruitment Ads Exist.
This picture was on official Korean comfort women web site.

Comfort women recruitment
Age:17 to 23
Pay:300 per a month
Interview AM8:00 to PM10:00

"Military" Comfort women recruitment
Destination: Unit 00
Age:18 to 30
Term:10/27 to 11/8
Treatment: Apply within

3.There Were Plenty Of Japanese Comfort Women But Never Been Discussed About Them.
The comfort women on this photo that I picked up from official Korean comfort women site are Japanese, not Korean.

It may be difficult for foreigners to distinguish Japanese and Korean culture.
The women are wearing Kimono and Kappogi. One woman has Anesankaburi on her head. There is Karakusa pattern Furoshiki on right side. Every house in Japan had the Furoshiki in those days.

Showing Japanese women as Korean women to cheat foreigners is clear evidence of their lie.

4. Korean Comfort Women Change The Stories All The Time.

Lee Yong-soo's testimonies in 2007.
Lee Yong-soo, 78, a South Korean who was interviewed during a recent trip to Tokyo, said she was 14 when Japanese soldiers took her from her home in 1944 to work as a s-ex slave in Taiwan.

U.S. House of Representatives: Statement of Lee Yong-soo

In the autumn of 1944, when I was 16 years old, my friend, Kim Punsun, and I were collecting shellfish at the riverside when we noticed an elderly man and a Japanese man looking down at us form the hillside......
A few days later, Punsun knocked on my window early in the morning,
and whispered to me to follow her quietly. I tip-toed out of the house after her.

Lee Yong-soo's testimony in 2004
1944, when I was 16, I was taken by a man wearing clothes looked like military uniform.
I worked in the comfort station for 3 years. (The war ended 1945)

Lee Yong-soo's testimony in 2002 
When I was 14, I was gunpointed and kidnapped. If I refused, they did electric torture.

Hwang Kum Ju's testimoniy on Jugun Ianfu to Sengohosho(従軍慰安婦と戦後補償 高木健一 1992)
1938, when I was working as a maid in Muhan county, I was taken to Manchuria as a comfort woman.

Hwang Kum Ju's testimoniy in 1996.(coomaraswarmy report)
When I was 17, a Japanese village leader ordered all girls in the village to go to a military factory.

Hwang Kum Ju's testimoniy on TV program "Kokoga hendayo Nihonjin" TBS (2001.5.16)
When I was 19, I was taken by the Japanese army to a comfort station.

Hwang Kum Ju's testimoniy in 1997.(日韓社会科教育交流団韓国を訪問) (京都福天草の根反核平和運動サイト)
When I turned 18, a man came to village and ordered to offer girls.

Hwang Kum Ju's testimoniy in 1997 (12月5日、元日本軍「従軍慰安婦」の証言を聞く集会、福岡市都久志会館ホ-ル )
The village leader threatened us. I left Korea in 1941, the place where I arrived was a comfort station.

Hwang Kum Ju's testimoniy in 2001 (黄錦周さんの証言を聞く会 / 2001.07.17 / 東京大学にて)

When I was 14, I was taken as "Girl delivery" to Manchuria.

Cho N Seung's testimony on Joong Ang Ilbo 2004.2.26 (dead link)

"When I was 13, I was taken to Indonasia and worked as a comfort woman for 7 years."

*The article reported her death. She was 80.
When she was 13 = 1937.
Between 1937 to 1942, Indonesia was Dutch colony.

Changing story is a typical symptom of perjury.

5. Lying Is So Common In Korean Society.

A Country of Liars by Kim DaeJoong
July.3,2005 23 The Chosun Ilbo (dead link)

In simple comparison, not taking into account population ratio, South Korea saw 16 times as many perjury cases in 2003 than Japan, 39 times as many libel cases and 26 times as many instances of fraud. That is extraordinarily high given Japan's population is three times our own.

The common denominator of the three crimes is lying; in short, we live in a country of liars. The prosecution devotes 70 percent of its work to handling the three crimes, the former justice minister said. And because suspects lie so much, the indictment rate in fraud cases is 19.5 percent, in perjury 29 percent and in libel 43.1 percent. "Internationally, too, there is a perception that South Korea's representative crime is fraud," Kim said, adding that recent major scandals show how rampant lying is in this country.

Colum"Korea the fraud Kingdom" Sep, 19, 2007 link)

President of Korea always lie like breathing.

Politicians and professors aren't the only liars.
According to the survey in 13 years ago, Korea has 35 time more fraud case rate per 10,0000 population than Japan.
Korea had 6855 hit-and-run cases in those days.
Japan which had 14 times more cars than Korea, hit-and-run case was very rare.

Anaheim man indicted in investment case

Kangsan Kim had been previously indicted on 10 counts of mail fraud and five counts of wire fraud,

MySpace Worm Spreads to Your Space

MySpace has been hit by a worm that points your links to phishing sites.
Spam can come from anywhere, even through Skype's instant-messaging feature.

PhishTank, the open repository for phishing site reports, has released the statistics from its site for November:

Total number of votes by the PhishTank community: 93,103
Total number of unique, suspected phishing scams reported: 18,130
Country hosting the most phishing sites: South Korea
Percentage of phishing sites hosted in South Korea: 39
Median time it took for the PhishTank community to verify phishes: 5 hours, 28 minutes
Dec. 4
Korean civic group facing fraud charges

Friday, September 29, 2006
Officials at a Ridgefield Korean-American community group defrauded clients by collecting payments for services that were not delivered, authorities say.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Man sentenced in loan fraud scheme
A 33-year-old man was sentenced Thursday to three years in federal prison for masterminding a $4.5 million loan fraud scheme targeting the metro Atlanta Korean community, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

Korean cult leader charged of tax fraud.

Cult and the Con

PayPal phishing flaw endangers users finances

19 June 2006
The PayPal flaw enabled cyber-crooks to actually host a modified page on the PayPal site which directed users to a bad website hosted on a server in Korea.

You can find the kind of Korean fraud articles endlessly.
And also fabrication of Taekwondo or Kumdo history are well known, recently Koreans fabricated Muay Thai history, claimed it's Korean kickboxing "Kyuktooki."
Korean-American Greg Park has claimed Ninja originated in Korea so he can play Ninja without hurting Korean nationalism.
Professor Hwang Woo Suk, his ES cell fraud disappointed Korean people so bad.

6. Korea Had Comfort Women System During Korean War

Bruce Cumings said the women were former comfort women for Japanese Army.
And Korean side said they were legal prostitutes(so it's no problem)

My analysis
They were legal prostitutes in the beginning.
If they were slaves, they wouldn't choose to go to the same hell.
If the Korean people had real sympathy to them, they wouldn't copy comfort women system.

7. Japanese Police Busted Korean Pimps.
Here are some news paper articles during colonial Korea.

These are articles on the newspaper during the colonization in Korea.
Four articles says Korean pimps deceived and kidnapped women, including Japanese. (The last article does not specify the nationality).
Four articles say Japanese police arrested them, The last article says the police are on the verge of arresting them.(via:zero)

The evidence of kidnapping by Koreans exist.
But don't you think the way Korean pimps were doing is exactly same as what Korean human traffickers are doing in America or Japan these days?

Korean Pride:Gangs and the Korean community

Mu Yung Shin is just one of several thousand Korean women abducted, raped, and virtually enslaved by the multimillion-dollar international prostitution network run by the Korean Killers, or KK. Korean Killers, and other major Korean gangs is the US such as Korean Power, based in New York, deal not only in prostitution, but in drug trafficking, extortion, and firebombings, mostly directed against the Korean community.

8. Sex Slave System Was Korean Tradition.
Joseon dynasty Korea had slaves called Nobi.

Female Nobi were usually sold as prostitute.
The picture is "Nobi document"
The "hand" was like signature, they weren't able to write and read.

They were purchased by Chinese merchant and sold from Manchu to Taiwan, Korea was the biggest prostitutes exporter in the 19th century Asia according to professor Hwang, Takushoku university.
Photo of Nobi market.
Nobi trading was banned by Japan.

9. Massive Prostitution In Korean Society.

Korea 05 - Prostitution 1

Naked sex workers try to set themselves on fire in Seoul protest

According to a survey conducted by the Korean government in 2003, sex industry makes 5% of GDP.

Prostitution Answers Sexual Desires of Senior Citizens

The park has been considered a ``sound'' playground for retired senior citizens, but it has recently become a hotbed of the illicit sex trade between sex-hungry old men and prostitutes. ``Where there is a demand, there is a supply,'' the cobbler said. A public restroom in the park was already bombarded with fliers promoting sex-related medicine. ``Cure-all for those suffering declining energy!'' a flier read.

Japan has a lot of sex shops too but sex industry in Japan has been dominated by Korean immigrants like Kankoku Esute(Korean massage parlor), Kannkoku Deriheri(Korean call girl).

일본 ‘데리바리(출장성매매)’ 업주 상당수 한국인

2 million women are working in sex industry, South Korea

"We Want Government to Recognize Sex Trade"

Sex Slave or Prostitute?

64 Korean prostitutes arrested in LA
8000 Korean prostitutes in U.S. since 2004: report
300000 Korean prostitutes expedition to America
Korean Prostitution Ring in California Shames the Korean Community

Exodus of sex trade workers to Canada

Korean pimp arrested


Busted Korean brothel "ii-onna" sales $10millon for 5 years.

Police raid to Korean brothels in Kawasaki

川崎堀之内 ちょんの間摘発の瞬間 Korean prostitutes Part1/2

According to Han-nara party's survey,
total 100000 Korean women are working as prostitutes outside of Korea.
50000 are in Japan, 25000 are in Australia, 250 are in Guam.

Oct, 28, 2010

Conclusion: Korean comfort women were commercial prostitutes like Korea has had for centuries.
AND, Japan do not have to apologisze to Korea. Koreans DID revenge after August 1945.

Story of Japanese refugees raped in Korea

more details on Real "So far from the Bamboo Grove"

Koreans in Japan at the time did looting and raping too. They pretended as a part of American troops stationed in Japan.(some Korean nationalists still believe Korea was among The Allied Nations) So many Koreans were committing horrible crimes in Japan which made Gen McArthur make the word "The third country people" = Sangokujin, now Koreans claim the word is racial slur, they don't remember what they've done to Japanese.

Actually raping by Koreans has never been stopped.

Victim side of Japan during WWII is somehow taboo in English media.
Foreign correspondent club in Japan refused objection to Korean comfort women issue.
So don't expect them to be fair.
Those journalists don't even research by themselves.

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  1. hey, i love your research..... but i wish there wasn't so much hatred towards koreans. of course, all nations lie. lie lie lie, and would like to benefit from any event. but really, i don't thinkneither coutry will apologize or make peace. =/