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A Book by a Righteous Jew

A Book by a Righteous Jew

Gore Vidal, last heard of being treated for rectal bleeding in a Naples hospital, wrote in his foreword to Jewish History, Jewish Religion by Israel Shahak (Pluto Press):
Sometime in the late 1950s, that world-class gossip and occasional histo-rian, John F. Kennedy, told me how, in 1948, Harry S. Truman had been pretty much abandoned by everyone when he came to run for president. Then an American Zionist brought him two mil-lion dollars in cash, in a suitcase, aboard his whistle-stop campaign train. "That's why our recognition of Israel was rushed through so fast."
Shahak's book scintillates with even more revelations, especially in regard to the Jewish religion, which the author re-gards as a formalized codification of anti-Gentilism. Having spent a part of his childhood in Belsen, Shahak is what might best be described as a "righteous Jew," the type characterized by those few Chosen who have conspicuously spilled the beans on Jewish racial machinations. The author, however, is a different breed from our anti-racist minority racists. He apparently believes what's good for the goyim is good for the Jews. His is an au-thentic anti-racism, which at least merits respect for consistency.
Jewish History, Jewish Religion ought to provide serious second thoughts to those confused Christians in our midst who persist in viewing Judaism as a won-derful (or at least benign) sister religion. For one thing, Shahak deftly exposes the monotheism fraud in the Old Testament, while tracing the development of a multi-theistic belief system within Judaism after the 12th century. More importantly, he shows the crude anti-Christian and anti-Gentile bias of classical Judaism, which built upon the genocidal teachings of the Old Testament.
One example: a "Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of a sin against the laws of Heaven, not punishable by a Uewish] court. To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile in no sin at all." The author entered this qualification: "[A]n act leading indirectly to a Gentile's death is forbidden, if it may cause the spread of hostility to jews." Similar commentary is devoted to the status of Gentiles, includ-ing the legality of rape against Gentile women.
Shahak reveals the esoteric aspect of classical Judaism, which apparently in-cludes the worship of Satan. The Devil likes Jewish prayers, so the prayers dis-tract him from pestering the tribe. Shahak doesn't hesitate to describe European Jews as "immediate exploiters of the pea-santry/ who used their influence to se-cure wealth for themselves and impover-ish the natives. Indeed, anti-Jewish rioting in Ukraine is treated as a positive, pro-gressive uprising against oppressive Jew-ish overlords. You won't find that kind of history taught in Harvard
Jewish History, Jewish Religion draws a number of political conclusions that have to do with the Jewish emphasis on racial exclusivity and covert promotion of their own kind. Shahak argues that the "apparent enthusiasm displayed by Amer-ican rabbis or by the Jewish organizations in the U.S. during the 19505 and 1960s in support of the blacks in the South "was motivated only by considerations of jew-ish self-interest." This admission cuts to the heart of the current racial crisis in America.
Raising the Palestinian question, Sha-hak states that knowledge of the teach-ings of the jewish faith with regard to the land of Israel make it impossible to reach a fair or reasonable settlement with the dispossessed Palestinians. Rabbis fre-quently press for complete exterpation of the Palestinians from their land, a teach-ing taken to its logical conclusion by mass murderer Baruch Goldstein in the Hebron mosque.
All things considered, Shahak's slim book is a valuable find. His own anti-racism makes it a particularly useful tool for those who haven't yet grasped the full background of the Jewish issue. It also provides a handy reference for those who savvy what the Jews have been up to for the last 3,500 years.
Rubbish Novel Makes Rubbish Film

You've seen them. Those paperback novels with the bright covers, usually colors not found in nature. Invariably a female with over-exposed bosom is portrayed, together with a man in evening clothes or dressed like a cowboy. I refer, of course, to the literary genre known as "Romance Novels." Let me state now that I have never read one nor ever will. Why should I, when they make such smashing mo-vies!
Danielle Steel (not her real name, I would imagine) is one of the most popu-lar writers of this trash. She aims her word processor at the over-200-pound crowd, at the fat folk who stuff themselves with potato chips and bean dip in front of the boob tube, curlers in hair and stretch pants over ample thighs. When they read a Steel novel, their lips move as they plow through the purple prose line by line.
I recently had the amazing experi-ence of seeing a made for TV movie adapted from one of these books. , can-not resist sharing my reaction with my readers.
The movie was called Vanish, taken from Steel's book of the same name. The only star I recognized was George Hamil-ton with his trademark tan, but with a shirt collar several sizes larger than had adorned his neck in his prime. George must be desperate to pay the bills at his tanning parlor to allow his reputation to be soiled with this turkey.
The story (there was nothing I could dignify with the word "plot") was set in the late 19305. A wealthy, powerful WASP is married to a woman with a questiona-ble past, who was once married to an-other handsome, wealthy WASP. Unfortu-nately their young son drowned, leading to a divorce. The man blamed his wife for the death. She remarried without telling her new husband about her fi rst marriage, her dead son and her own stay in a men-tal hospital.
Her ex-husband ~omesa gin-guzzling wino, who somehow manages to main-tain his wealth and social standing. He
carries a pocket flask, which he pulls on at appropriate moments, driving home the point that he hit the skids after the bustup of his marriage.
Steel's "heroine" goes to church on the anniversary of the death of her son. She meets her ex-husband there and pro-vokes a scene. He is angry and resentful. That very night her son by her new hus-band is kidnapped. The FBI finds his little blue pajamas in the wine cellar of the ex-husband's house.
Up to now this is simply another bor-ing, predictable, badly written cheapy adapted from a cheap novel. But it soon gets better, though not, I am sure, in the way Steel intended.
The ex-husband, of course, is being framed. It turns out that the new husband is having an affair with his blonde, Nor-dic, mail-order German secretary. She is one cold Teutonic honey. Her face is so hard you could use her head to crack co-conuts. Her accent is thicker than apple strudel. She helps him become a fanatic Germanoph i Ie.
Mr. Neo-Nazi wants to dump his fruit-cake wife and run off to Germany with his young son and the Ice Maiden, there to live happily ever after, listening to Wagner and oompah bands while enjoy-ing some disciplined sex with his Lieb-chen. He enlists former Attorney General Palmer in his plot. Palmer, we are re-minded, is the author of the 1919 Red Scare that led to several boatloads of troublemaking Jewish Bolsheviks and other wretched refuse being transported back to whatever garbage dumps they sprang from.
Needless to say, the second husband had his own son kidnapped. His plan was to expose his wife's lies about her past, using this as an excuse for a di-vorce. The son would be sent on to Ger-many.
The whole thing degenerates into a weird mishmash of senseless blather and uncalled-for interjections in the court-room during the divorce litigation. Most amusing is when the prosecutor accuses the ex-husband, tortured saint that he is, of going off to Spain to fight for the Com-munists, immediately following one of the sledgehammer subtle references to the Prussian attitudes of the bad husband. Only a Jew could come up with some-thing like this.
A ruggedly handsome young FBI agent fortuitously saves the day with a dramatic courtroom entrance of a "sur-prise witness."
The acting was so bad, so wooden and so strained that I writhed in pain and embarrassment watching it. It was worse than The Eggplant That Ate Chicago.
This, friends, is our popular "culture." Is it any wonder that we are in deep doo-doo? We must get to work to create a challenge to the Hebraic slop that is be-ing ladled out to us. Good Grief! Most of the readers of this magazine could do bet-ter doodling on a legal pad on their lunch hour.
There is one glimmer of hope. Vanish proves, as if we needed proof, that they always go too far. They can't help them-selves. Too much is not enough. They end up being so ridiculous that only a mental retard could fall for their dialogue. I didn't see Schindler's List, but I have been told it had similar scenes that brought forth gales of laughter from un-tamed high school audiences.
While it is helpful that they are en-gaged in hanging themselves, let's not count on them to self-destruct. Let's build a Majority counterculture to put this schlock where it belongs.

The Military Goes A-Whoring

As a gung ho kid I volunteered for the U.S. Army. I had a college deferment, but having seen plenty of John Wayne mo-vies, I wanted to get the hell out of my parents' house.
First thing I learned was that the u.s. Army is not like a John Wayne movie. It's not a bunch of decent and intelligent young men working for a good cause, where rank means little and personal honor counts for a lot. To be blunt about it, the Army is full of worse than average types, with an occasional compulsive thief or liar thrown in.
Most of my basic training platoon at Ford Ord was white. I'd say 75%. Most of the platoon was also on drugs. That was a bit of an eye-opener. I learned profanity as a second language.

After basic, I took a few months training in electronics. Then I was sent to South Korea. At the airport I was met by a driver with a jeep. I was a Spec 4 in a special unit that got better food, better housing and better treatment. That ex-plains the jeep.
As we got near the base, we passed through a small town that the driver referred to as the Ville."

"Every woman you see in this town is a prostitute," he said to me. A little wary about believing that comment, I pointed to a little Korean girl
"What about her?"
 "Well, she'll probably grow up to be a prostitute." He was right.

I soon learned that the Ville was a major part of the social life of the troops. Some guys lived there. They'd pay a Korean woman $150 a month to shack up. They called it "Yoboing." Yobo means "darling" in Korean.
I'd say about 85% of the guys routinely visited the Ville. The ones that didn't were Christians or shy quiet types like me. There were no homosexuals to my knowledge, but I wasn't an expert on picking them out.

Most of the G.l.s were 18 to 23 years old. Some assured me that this was a good opportunity to get a lot of practice at sex. They said I would never get this chance again. It was a good idea, they assured me, to learn about sex before getting married.
Almost all of these guys got herpes. My sergeant had sores that looked like syphilis. The medics said it was just a rash. Other dogfaces got crabs. I got them from just living in the same quarters with these guys, who were all white. So was 95% of my outfit.
All of my platoon mates had wives or girlfriends waiting for them in the States. You can bet they gave them herpes.
One thing about the military. The medics don't care. The doctors are bored. They're all suspicious of malingerers. Treatment is symptomatic only. You get aspirin when you should get antibiotics. Tell anybody who's thinking of signing up to stay out for that reason alone. I'm not kidding.





ヨボとは韓国語で "ダーリン"を意味する。







Right face! left!!- let's join in japan self defensive force!

i guess every army for each nation is such like as same it.
because soldier will die from a simple mistake in basic training not in real war.....
they must have something stupid sense, or they will flip out...

右向け左! 自衛隊へ行こう (劇場版)オープニング

1951年の韓流 「38度線」 1 (白い服編-1/2) amenobuchikoma·
 "38th parallel" korean wave Hallyu in 1951 (Hanbok white cloths) comfort women for Dutch army 1951년의 한류 「38도 선」 2 (흰 옷
ディスカバリーチャンネル カラーで視る朝鮮戦争 #1 4649nihon·

.. The Inscrutable Become Less So I listened to my sergeant discuss which Asian country was the most desirable to be stationed in. I was amazed to hear that the actually wanted to be in Asia. The reason was women. He thought the prostitutes in Thailand were the best looking. I remember some talk about an "orphanage." We were supposed to contribute to it. At the time, I was mystified as to what it was all about. Then it dawned on me. The orphanage was for the half-breed children of U.S. troops and their Korean prostitutes. Some kids looked more white than Asian. Yet they grow up dirt poor in an Asian country, speaking some Ching-Chong-Chow language. What do they see when they look in the mirror? What about the girls? It's a horror show. I don't want to think about it. A couple of guys I knew wanted to get hitched to their hookers. Every Korean prostitute wanted to marry her G.1. and go "stateside." Some did. They also wanted to bring along their relatives. Whenever I see a white in his forties with an ugly Asian wife, I get a strong feeling that I know where he got her. Why am I so upset about prostitution? Being of Northern European descent, my view of woman is that of princess, goddess, mother or spritely, adorable young woman suitable for marriage. If a woman doesn't fit these specifications, I just tune out. In America the image of woman projected by the media is woman as harem girl. The net result of my military experience is that I have no respect for anybody in uniform. Our soldiers kill people all over the planet, just for kicks. They turn women into prostitutes and breed mix raced kids. They don't defend our borders. In fact, they would kill us if we tried to defend our borders The evening's meal this night was being spent in the company of a small gathering of generally elderly and obviously well-heeled expatriates from the Chinese mainland, most of them blessed with U.s. passports. Some of them had spent long careers working in far-flung U.N. post-ings. Others had worked in the world of academe. Sti II others taught foreign languages to State Dept. officers. Into the evening's conversation wandered the subject of China's impending takeover of Hong Kong, a subject which, I assumed, would produce a denunciation of the Communists' scheduled 1997 grab of this outpost of democracy. I was totally unprepared to find each and every one of the dinner guests evincing obvious pleasure at the thought of the motherland's impending action. For them, it amounted to kicking outrageous Western interlopers out of the world's most populated country. How cou Id it be, I thought, that people who had found them-selves denied access to their own homeland, families and friends for the bulk of their lifetimes, who had grown prosperous under the shelter of Western capitalism, would find enthusiasm for an ex-pansion of communism? The course of the conversation re-vealed that it wasn't really com-munism's expansion per se which delight-ed these folk, but the assertiveness shown by their countrymen in "getting even" for countless generations of humiliation ad-ministered by Western invaders. From other Chinese at other times I had heard how tiny England had brought defeat to the onetime Celestial Kingdom's teeming millions by introducing Indian dope ... How France, Germany, Holland and even the U.S. had multiplied the humilia-tion by forcibly opening China's coastal cities...How the Western nations had systematically looted the interior until brutal and selfish Japan had launched its own war of conquest, bathing the cities of China in blood. Now, my dinner companions inferred, there existed an opportunity for a pay-back. Now no matter how brutally Chair-man Mao's regime might have treated their parents and their schoolmates, the wrongs of the past might be partially righted. Blood is thicker than water-even the oceans of water separating these well-dressed Chinese magnates from their humble homeland. With the care that a horticulturist lav-ished on a rare hothouse orchid, the Chi- nese, here and there, have remembered and nurtured the West's endless insults. Let us beware of the endless other ~ 16km hates of endless other strangely complex-ioned faces, which now swarm in our ur-ban midst. IVAN HILD " INSTAURATION-JULY 1996-PACE 19 Racism in the Land of the Rising Sun In his January piece, N.B. Forrest explored the inner feelings of Japanese towards Western whites. He suggested that the brutali-zation meted out by Nipponese soldiers towards white war pris-oners implied a deep racial hatred. Possibly so. But it should be recalled that the Japanese Establishment has been equally guilty of class hatred. Virtual slavery faced the sons and daughters of impoverished Jap farmers prior to WWII. The Japanese invasion of international trade in the post-WWII era, when trade among the Western powers was disrupted, gained momentum from the lower production costs achieved by slave wages. Today, labor conditions in Japan are clearly more humane. The nation's wealth is far more eqUitably distributed and its social politics ap-pears based on ethical values. But Japan's racialism remains. Per-haps what most vexes Forrest is that Japan, as a nation, translates these racial beliefs into national policy, whereas his-and our-country continues to bumble along with racial beliefs that con-flict directly with our national interest. 220 More Mouth than Muscle? N.B. Forrest has a fond place in my vengeful heart, but I am tired of his custom of ending every article with dark mutterings about how we are sharpening our knives, preparing to be Brave-hearts, and wade into the enemy's entrails. Give me a break! I'll tell you how the Zionazis are reacting: "Whoah, look at us, we're sca-a-ared!" let me advise NBF that from the early 1980s on, when I first learned Afrikaans and began corresponding with South Africans and meeting with American mercenaries who had fought side by side with them in the Angolan wars, there was this constant talk that "Afrikaners can only be pushed so far." "They're real fighters." "They're not like the Rhodesians." "They'll never let blacks rule their country." Balderdash! Rhode-sia and the late, great South Africa graphically show us that a bunch of angry white people without unity and a charismatic leader are sheep to the slaughter. 021 Different Degrees of Rape N.B. Forrest is obviously an intelligent man with the ability to distinguish between sense and nonsense, but I am afraid he has failed to analyze rape issues as thoroughly as he should. In by-gone years there existed a point in law known as the "reasonable woman" standard. In essence, it stated, "What should she have done if she were really objecting?" In the absence of force or the threat of force, a woman could not allow a sexual act to take place and later claim that "she didn't want to do it." The trouble with "no means no" is that it forces the male to be a mind read-er. "Does she really mean it or will I be charged with rape if I proceed?" We are all acquainted with people who say no, but who later do what they said they would never do. Sex is not different. If a woman says no, but allows the act to continue, her "no" is meaningless. Women are not helpless creatures. They are capable of considerable physical resistance. Trying to sleep with a truly unwilling female without holding a knife to her throat is like trying to hold a scratching and biting cat. There is an old-fashioned concept known as "crossing the line." A lady does not have the right to change her mind after -.. proceedings have reached a certain point. We can all differ as to PAGE 20-INSTAURATION-JUlY 1996 what that point is, but it must be emphasized that it does exist. Just as certain belligerent acts create a de facto state of war, so too certain activities of sufficient intensity and duration create de facto consent to sexual intercourse. Forrest believes that rape is rape regardless of the circumstanc-es under which the act occurred. He is flat wrong. All homicides are not treated the same. There is murder in the first and second degrees, manslaughter and so on. Premeditation and impulse are carefully considered in murder cases. The same factors should be considered in rape cases. Since sex occurs in a wide variety of circumstances, the standard of proof, rules of evidence and pun-ishment should also vary. When a thug assaults a woman in an alley, her sexual history is irrelevant and death should be the penalty. In date rape, however, the woman's sexual background definitely should be admissible. If a woman's background shows a well-documented history of sleeping around, the jury should take this into consideration in reaching a verdict. Men run a very real risk in rape trials. To convict a man, a woman need merely tell a "believable story." A man must first win acquittal and then prove by objective evidence (not mere "believability") that the accusation was deliberately and falsely brought. Not surprisingly, there are far more men caught and convicted of rape than women convicted of false accusations. 472 An Argument I Cannot Buy Occasionally one of my Christian friends feels the need to "share the good news" with me. They wax full of brotherly love when I express an interest in hearing the "word of God." Usually they go into the promises of Deuteronomy or the passage that proves that Jesus came here to die for my sins. I ask them where it is written that Jews are God's Chosen people. They tell me the Bible says something like this, "Yahweh, a terrible God ordained that the Israelites would inherit the lands of Canaan and be as one with the lord." These simple-minded children then look at me with rolling eyes and a smiling face, slightly smug and full of knowing that they just "proved" to me the Jews are God's Cho-sen. When they ask me what I think, I reply: Thank you very much. As you know I too am one of Goo's children, but these words do not speak to me. I am not a Jew and therefore this is not the admonition of my God. I appreciate your interest in religion, but this passage and the others that I have read in the Good Book simply do not address me and the things I am concerned with. I cannot acknowledge a Goo that does not ac-knowledge me. This exchange does not convert these people to my way of thinking, but it does cause them to wonder, at least for a few sec-onds, about the moral validity of supporting someone else's God. 775 Secret Tribute In response to Zip 781 who was surprised that a Swiss choco-late maker carried the "k" on its products, I wonder if you have looked around your kitchen lately? You will find just about everything you eat or use has a "k" or "u" on it. I did this recent-ly and was astonished at what I found. Canned goods, packaging \ materials and even the glue on our postage stamps have been changed at the insistence of rabbis who don't want their people licking pork fat. Come on now! How many of you Majority members out there know this? How much does this raise the price of your food and grocery items every year? 301 Multilingual Does It A year ago the language issue was fuzzy in my mind. If I was closer to either side, it was the U.S. English side. But then I read an Instauration piece by the editor. Leaving the language barrier as is and shoring it up when possible encourages the separation of whites and nonwhites. Having more English-speaking non- whites as a result of an English-is-the~fficial-Ianguage law would encourage more social interaction, integration and mis- cegenation among whites and nonwhites. Upon finishing that ar- ticle the correct position was obvious: Babble on, BabylonI 420 Hell Hath No Fury "Sex Crimes and Sex Antics" (April, 996) was an outstanding article and long overdue. When I was in the National Guard a trooper in my squadron was a Rutgers University cop. He told me that in the vast majority of rapes on campus well over 90% involved a jilted female. The sex was consensual in many cases. Once satisfied, ardent young males would abruptly drop their paramours like hot potatoes. Steaming and feeling used, the young women would often seek revenge by filing an ex post fac- to rape charge, sometimes weeks after the alleged event. The college dyke corps was hyperactive in counseling and encourag- ing the "victim," who was very carefully interrogated by a female detective. It was always assumed there was a real basis to her claims. As for spousal rape, what about those words in the mar- riage vow, "to have and to hold?" Many men submit to the bonds of marriage so they do not have to chase after women every time they want sex. If the feminoids have a problem with that, it's just too damn bad. That's life! 089 Authentic Letter I'm sure Instaurationists, after noting the classic oxymoron by which the "New Orleans Negro" identifies himself in the "Hate-fulest Letter" (May 1996) will ponder the question of whether this sputum was actually expelled by a bona fide barehead or by one of those "feeble-minded red necks" he reviles. The internal evidence convinces me the letter is authentic. Note what is omit-ted when he writes: "Fear us, for we will take everything you have. Your homes, your land, your businesses, your schools, your churches, your stadiums, your souls." Why is the one thing we value above all these possessions, which every black buck slavers over, our women, left out? A real redneck would have in-cluded white women if they were composing a fictitious diatribe meant to infuriate whites. Why does a New Orleans Negro, with his boastful "superior intellect," unconsciously or not, omit women from the list of white possessions he plans to seize? Could it be he trembles in fear that the rednecks might identify him and rush "into the streets," with their "guns and nooses"-despite Instauration's guarantee of anonymity? Yes, I'm sure he is what he claims to be. I'm also sure that juju bags of ground-up High John the Con-queror root, concealed in strategic places from the Bronx to Watts and from Basin Street to the Mother Cabrini Projects, await a signal from the crack dens of New Orleans that the time has arrived for the new ebony princes to seek the courage need-ed to loot in the new millennium by quaffing potions containing this powerful ingredient. Other Instaurationists will join me in the joyful anticipation of the arrival of the Golden Age promised by our loving prophet in another five years. I revel in the pros-pect of trading my Nissan for a Calypso Coupe shipped here via catamaran by the Trinidad Transport Company. What a delight it wi II be to discard my Toshiba and watch a 45-inch Mandela-tinted Idi Amin do-it-yourself TV. And we will all feel much safer when our dangerous streets are patrolled by police armed with those new Liberian flintlocks. Hallelujah! 151 Child Rapist Avoids the Death Penalty The article on rape in the April issue was quite provoking, es-pecially the part about minority males forfeiting their lives should they dare attack Majority females. Certainly it used to be that way, but no longer. I was reminded of an incident which took place here in San Antonio back in the 70s, not long after the Supreme Dolts had outlawed capital punishment. A black rapist who attacked only white females was at large for a year or so. One of his victims was a ten-year-old girl. During the course of a robbery, this ani-mal had tied up the girl and her mother in a bedroom while ran-sacking the house. Returning to the bedroom he raped the child, then resumed looting. Before leaving he raped the girl a second time. When neighbors finally found the two females, the child was in shock (and has probably not fully recovered to this day). A month or so later the hulking African was captured in yet an-other attempt upon a white female. Semen samples proved con-clusively that the police had captured the right beast. A ground swell of white rage was quickly nipped in the bud when the ever-pandering San Antonio media sided with black counter-protesters screaming "White Racism" on every editorial page. One black minister threatened federal intervention if white "overreaction" was not quelled. Despite this, white anger might still have carried the day and the black been given the maximum sentence at that time-life--had not white renegades and liberals jumped into the picture. Asking for "tolerance" and "common sense/ these spineless cravens succeeded in defusing the situa-tion. Subsequently the rapist was given a 20-year sentence. I nev-er heard anything more of this case and can only conclude that, since the Texas prison system is bulging fit to bust, it is very like-ly the brothuh is once again shufflin' the bricks of da 'hood. If ever an animal deserved to die, this one did. But in a Su-preme Court-dominated nation, where the rights of the minority criminal are always paramount, the mental and physical injuries of a 1O-year~ld girl count as nothing against the "tolerance" which must be extended to the jungle savage who attacked her. As for me, let me say that were this subhuman scum to be strapped onto the execution gurney in front of me right this min-ute, I would gladly splash a vial of acid in his evil face just be-fore the needle was applied. If this act, or the desire for it, brings me down to his level, so be it. To my mind, the tortured soul of that white child demands accountability far more stringent than simply putting a mad dog to sleep. 782 Super-Smart Negressl In the February issue (p. 15) Zip 121 claims a rare mulatto in D.C. got a perfect 800 on the SAT. Anyone with his eyes open knows that girl had to be given the answers. No black, no matter how light-skinned and white-ish, has ever gotten a perfect SAT score. I honestly feel sorry for the flacks who have to dream up these lies. 904 INSTAURATION-JULY 1996-PACE 21 In the Dol(e)drums If ever the U.S needed a strong president to save the country from its ongoing inter-nal rot, it is now. And what do the Repub-licans offer us? A political sad sack. Dole is so short of ideas, so lacking in inspira-tion that he hired Mark Halprin, a third-rate Jewish novelist and onetime soldier in the Israeli army, to write his tear-jerky "farewell address." Powell Unveiled Colin Powell is not just another astute politician; he is a black politician, which means he is an astute player of the racial card. How else would he have been jumped over almost a dozen or so more qualified white generals to be appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? To-day, Powell is lurking in the political wings, awaiting a call to some higher of-fice, possibly even president A.D. 2001. In late May at Bowie State University graduation ceremonies Powell, who has been passing himself off as an ethereal Republican, dropped his "above the fray mask" long enough to give a rousing 30-minute pro-black spiel calling for contin-uing doses of affirmative action. Dole, who has been playing around with the idea of trying to persuade Powell to be his running mate and who publicly admitted he gets "valuable" advice from the retired four-star general, may have trouble explaining to G.O.P. purists why he truckles to a black racist and affirma-tive actioneer, especially one who has told a few close friends that he regrets ever having said he was a Republican. Affirmative Maintenance How many of the recent airline crashes can be blamed on affirmative action? We'll never know. What we do know is that a recent story in the Washington Times (May 28) said that the Federal Avi-ation Agency "may be more concerned about the race and sex of inspectors than their qualifications." Even more disturb-ing, "most FAA organizations still require that half of new employees be minorities or women." As recent events prove, quo-tas, now supposed to be illegal, don't necessarily increase flight safety. Who Are the Firebugs? Some 65,000 black churches dot the U.S. In the 12 weeks before and after Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Acts, 34 black churches in Mississippi were PAGE 22-INSTAURATION-JULY 1996 burned. In the past 18 months, some 32 black houses of worship have been set afire in the South. Two whites have been convicted of burning three churches in Alabama. A third member of the group committed suicide in jail shortly before he was scheduled to be sentenced. Blacks in Congress are giving law enforcement agents holy hell for not making more ar-rests. They claim the fires are sparked by a widespread antiblack conspiracy. Most likely some fires were the work of copy-cats or fires set by preachers trying to col-lect insurance money. Still others may be dishonest attempts to replace rickety old churches with ,new spiffed-up ones fund-ed by appeals to sympathetic whites and the few affluent members of the black congregations. One church was apparent-ly torched by a 13-year-old white girl! Alien Medicine Men Three years ago while visiting in Orlando (FL), blonde Rebecca Richards, an 11-year-old English girl, fell ill. Her grand-mother took her to Amrishkumar H. Patel, who prescribed antibiotics and still more antibiotics when she became very sick. She eventually died from a rare form of juvenile diabetes. Though it took some-time for police to catch up with them, Patel and two associates, who, like their boss, are not licensed physicians, have been arrested and charged with third de-gree murder and operating a million-dollar medical service scam. Speaking of Asian doctors, legitimate or otherwise, neurologist Jagdeep Bhuta was taken into custody in St. Augustine (Fl) and accused of molesting 37 patients. One of the vic-tims of Bhuta's lewd and lascivious as-saults was a 14-year-old girl. Funeral Oration Hype A visitor from Mars who attended the fu-neral ceremonies of Itzhak Rabin, Ron Brown and Admiral Jeremy Boorda would have had to believe that some of the greatest men of modern times had ex-pired. That Rabin was head of the Israeli armed forces when Zionist warplanes and torpedo boats killed 34 Americans on the U.S.S. Uberty was totally ignored by the U.S. officials who attended and spoke at his burial. That Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was a crook whose financial deal-ings were already under investigation by an independent counsel in no way muf-fled the encomiums uttered by Democrats and Republicans alike. The latest of these "heroes" to give up the ghost was' dwarf-ish 5'4" Admiral Jeremy Boorda, whose Jewish grandparents arrived in the u.s. from Ukraine. Although he had never heard a gun go off in anger, he enriched his ribbons with two bronze "Vs" to indi-cate he had been in combat. How could such a wonderful man have committed suicide, wailed the media? Boorda, of course, was only "ethnically" wonderful. The hard truth is that on his watch the once proud u.s. Navy had sprung a dangerous morale-destroying leak. Boorda seemed to spend most of his time promoting minorities and women over Majorityites. He also presided over the Navy during the Tai Ihook Scandal, the Love Boat Affair (36 female sailors preg-nant) and the moonlighting of 20 Naval personnel, mostly Negroes, for Nigerian drug lords. For a while it looked as if Clinton would appoint Admiral Paul Rea-son, black commander of the Atlantic fleet, to be the new Chief of Naval Opera-tions. Somehow he managed to cool his endemic minority ardor long enough to choose Admiral Jay Johnson, an ex-fighter ~ilot, who apparently has the "right stuff." Prevaricating Pol In his 1994 election campaign, Wes Cooley made a big point of being a Phi Beta Kappa. He lied. He claimed he had fought in Korea. Another lie. When he first ran for Oregon state senator he mov-ed his trailer one mile into the district he was supposed to represent, but where he had never lived. He claimed he was not married while his wife was receiving vete-ran's benefits from the death of her first husband in the crash of a fighter jet. Dur-ing some of this time she was married to Cooley, the wedding having conveniently taken place in Mexico. At present this pro-fessional purveyor of untruth is a fresh-man congressman (R-OR). About the Freemen It's tempting to be sympathetic towards the Freemen, way out there in the wilds of Montana, shaking their collective fist at the corrupt crowd in Washington. After looking long and hard at the kooky lead-ers and their kooky beliefs, however, the sympathy starts to ebb. Does the weirdo stuff the Freemen promulgate help the Majority to end its dispossession? Writing bouncing checks and preaching that Anglo-Saxons are the real Jews are ideas that are more likely to chase away the ordinary Majorityite rather than strengthen his hope for a white racial resurgence. Many of the best people on our side are recruited and injected with political, economic and social ideas that can only result in further dividing them and mak-ing them less receptive to the racial ideol-ogy that we must all adopt, if we are to survive as a race. The Freemen are putting on a symbolic act that strikes a chord. But that's about all it does. What we see is heartening. What we hear is disheartening. A play that runs too long eventually plays to empty seats. We can understand why the Freemen and similar groups want to drop out of a country governed, as this one is, by corrupt politicians. But our only hope of success is not to drop out, but to drop into the government and to drop in in such numbers and with such fervor and dedication that we eventually wi II be able to make it our own again. Greater and Lesser Crimes In Ft. Lauderdale (FL) two brothers, Jason and Andrew Kovacin, went on a night-time April spree in their parents' red Mer-cedes. Coming upon a black bicycle rid-er, they plugged him in the back with a dart from a homemade blowgun. They al-legedly gave the same treatment to a white. The attack on the Negro raised it to the category of a hate crime, which means the brothers can get a maximum of 30 years if convicted. Since attacking a white is a lesser crime, the pair may not be prosecuted for that escapade. <.l Joe Was Right On Almost half a century after Senator Joseph McCarthy was ridiculed, politically assas-sinated and driven from office to an early death by his peers and our peerless media for daring to expose Communist infiltra-tion into the U.S., we now learn that, if anything, his estimates of Red penetration in the government were modest. Recently released NSA documents of intercepted transcripts of cables sent by Soviet KGB agents to Moscow in 1944-45 reveal that more than 100 Soviet agents had wormed their way into the Depts. of State, War (now Defense), Justice, Treasury and the Office of Strategic Services. To th is day the FBI has not been able to identify many of the spies. The revelation comes as no surprise to Americans old enough to have lived through that period when the OSS was referred to by in-the-know citizens as the Office of Soviet Stooges. Rest in peace, Joe. /' 300 Negro War Record In the Korean War a regimental team of the black 24th Infantry Division panicked and ran. The rout was routinely written up in the Army's official histolY of the war. Now a Negro West Pointer has lob-bied a rewrite, Black Soldier, Black Man, which manages to pin much of the blame on the division's white officers. As part of the campaign to rehabilitate the battle-field behavior of Negro soldiers, seven have been nominated for CongresSional Medals of Honor for bravery in WWII, even though the cutoff date for such awards was 1952. Another Negro divi-sion, the 92nd, put on. a helter-skelter backward retreat north of Pisa in Italy in WWII. No doubt this "retreat" will be re-written as a regrouping and consolidating maneuver prior to a counterattack. The idea is, if you can't prove your valor on the battlefield, prove it in print. ., Social Science Hoax A politicized Jewish physicist at New York University, Alan Sokal, wrote a "scholarly" article full of such expressions as "transformation hermeneutics," "morpho-genic fields" and "manipulative mathe-matics," which duly appeared in the left-wing journal, Social Text. It was a total hoax, but some luminaries in the social sciences sweetened it with their approval. As we all know, media misinformation is making it harder and harder to distinguish truth from tergiversation. Since the social sciences contain the largest supply of gobbledygook in any field of study, it's quite possible for scholars to get a re-spectable publication to accept as fact what really amounts to no more than a series of incantations. Fantastic Flick One of my favorite films just has to be How the West Was Won. It came out in 1963, at the very moment the civil rights movement was picking up steam, but long before any minority-doctored footage was allowed to clutter the Silver Screen. The Injuns were portrayed as bloodthirsty and only briefly seen. The closest thing to a minority shyster was played, appropriately, by Majority renegade Gregory Peck. The West was shown as it surely must have been, with Northern Europeans do- ing what they do best-creating a civilization out of a wilderness with no help from outsiders. Most likely explanation for the prO-Majority theme and tone of the film is that its three co-directors, John Ford, Henry Hathaway and George Mar- shall, belonged to a race that has become very rare in the motion picture industry. Bless 'em all for this timeless classic. 782 ;"" Anti-Majority Minutiae .The magazine, Race Traitor, a quar-terly appeal for the destruction of the white race, is published (where else?) in Cambridge (MA). In spite of the outright demands for the genocide of the Majority, neither the ADL nor any other minority agency has gone after the journal. Annual subscription to Race Traitor is $20. Write P.O. Box 603, Cambridge, MA 02140. . St. Martin's Press, which trashed Da-vid Irving's book about Goebbels after it had reached the page-proof stage, is very happy about another of its literary offer-ings, The Secret War Against the Jews, which makes the totally mendacious and totally asinine claim that the secret servic-es of Britain, Germany, Russia and the U.S. have been conspiring to sabotage the state of Israel. The book, incidentally, will be made into a movie, financing to be provided by Samuel leTrak, a Jewish real estate mogul. .The mother of David Hunter, the white felon who drove his pickup into the Redneck Shop in laurens (SC), was the first white in Queens (NY) to join the NAACP. Her son may be facing five years in prison for his reckless driving. If jai led, the Negroes he is so enamored of may give him the treatment white inmates nev~ er forget. . Mad TV's hit, Schindler's Loss, is on hold. Steven Spielberg, vowing to junk it, got his good friend, Sid Sheinberg, a Holly-wood power broker, to help bury the skit. . A caricature depicting student body president-elect Aaron Nelson with horns and pitchfork appeared on the cover of Carolina Review, a University of North Carolina magazine. The cartoon was only meant to criticize Nelson's politics, but, because he is a Jew, the predictable up-roar ensued. The University'S censor-happy Jewish profs demanded that the ed-itors of the mag be severely punished. . Eide's Entertainment, a record store in Pittsburgh, is being boycotted for stocking a few a Ibums by Resistance Records, a white separatist group. . Jews and some renegadish fellow-traveling Germans are cracking down on Germania, a German-American newspa~ per in Cleveland, which has been making some invidious comparisons between old-time Nazi acts against Jews and current Israeli acts against Palestinians. Compa-nies have been warned to stop advertiSing in the paper. At last report, Joanna Roth, the publisher, has not caved. .When U.S. Muslims protested a stereo-typical Arab terrorist in Warner Bros. new movie, Executive Decision, they were told by studio executives that it was too late to do any editing. The Muslims won-dered whether it would have been too late if the terrorist had been one of the Chosen. ~ INSTAURATION-JULY 1996-PAGE 23 Good Conduct Negroes If your racial awareness conflicts with the liberal mindlessness of the average get-along/go-along American, you've doubt-less heard this old rejoinder to the smart aleck racist: "Haven't you ever met a good one?1I I personally recall three mi-norityites whose behavior more than met my basic standards of good conduct. The first was George, a Pullman porter. Back in the railroading days of the 1940s, every porter was called George because that was the first name of Mr. Pullman him-self. Second was Rastus, the shoeshine maven, who stationed himself outside my Philadelphia office and buffed my bro-gans. Finally I remember that lovable fat lady with the dozen kids I called Aunt jemima. She cleaned my apartment every Hattie McDaniel, Hollywood's Aunt Jemima Thursday afternoon without so much as lifting an ashtray. These three special blacks emerge out of a lifetime of looking for a beam of racial light in the very dark night of integration. Just what do George, Rastus and Aunt J. actually prove? Only that three out of 30 million know or at least knew how to act white. I suspect if I had investigated deeper into the private lives of these three, I would have found much of the same disheveled disorder that currently haunts the majority of the black minority. I.H. School Integration Rates A picture in the local San Antonio fish-wrap shOWing black students going to school with whites for the first time in Potgietersrust, South Africa, formerly an all-white community but now being inun-dated with blacks, reminded me of simi-lar photos taken in this city in the late 50s. I recall liberals telling us that all the black children wanted was a fair shake and a chance at a good (white) educa-tion. Then came the 60s and open hous-ing. Now that all the schools and neigh-borhoods from that era have long gone, PAGE 24-INSTAURATION-JlILY-1996 I'd like to ask those holier-than-thou liber-als one question: At what point does the minority invasion end? Their answer now would probably be "not until every last white in the world has a black or brown next-door neighbor. II A far cry from the excuses they resorted to back in the 50s. There was, however, one major differ-ence between San Antonio in the late 50s and Potgietersrust in the mid-90s. Only a handful of the white parents in San Anto-nio kept their kids home or sent them to private schools. In the South African com-munity, only 20 of the 700 white kids showed up. Had whites in the U.S.-particularly in the South and Southwest-displayed this kind of solidarity, we could have driven Uncle Saul half-mad with frustration. 782 Clinton Backtracks Hypocrisy has no limits when it emanates from the White House. With the Paula jones sexual harassment suit in the litig-ious pipeline-a suit that includes charg-es of indecent exposure-we were sud-denly informed by Clinton's legal team that the draft-dodging president is on "ac-tive dutyll in the military. Such being the case, he could not be sued until his term of "military service" ends. An artful dodge, but one so laughable that Clinton finally had to abandon the ploy. Sooner or later the law is going to catch up with the Clin-tons, but the American electorate is so de-generate that whatever sins Billy Boy has committed in the past-and they are le-gion-appear to have little or no effect on his popularity. Homeschooli ng There are two homeschooling groups in my state that I know something about. One is Old Testament-oriented funda-mentalist Christian. The other is more sec-ular and known for performing many hassle-saving services for its members. I prefer the latter group myself, not being a devo-tee of Bible-thumping. That is, I did prefer it until a Jew named Larry joined. He im-mediately started demanding that the T-shirts offered by the group-which listed the names of famous homeschooled Americans--be changed to ensure that the list was gender-and race-balanced. Putting the names of relatively un-known women and ethnics on the shirt would detract from the message, wh ich was not that homeschooled whites were superior, but rather that kids don't have to be government-schooled to become fa-mous and successful. It didn't take long for the group to fi nd itself forced by Larry into viewing the whole issue as being a choice between "defending a sexist, ra-cialist view" or "being part of the solution instead of the problem. II I really don't want to join the Christian group, but it ap-pears I'll have to grit my teeth, hold my nose and sign up, if this Larry stuff contin-ues. Talk about false choices-it's either one Semiticized group or another! Lady Subscriber Farewell Jimmy Jimmy "the Greekll Snyder was the sports-caster fired by CBS in 1988 for emitting the truism that blacks are more athletical-ly gifted than whites. Newsweek (May 6) gave him a one-page favorable bio by one Frank Deford, so favorable one won-ders if Deford has early retirement in mind. The defense of jimmy being long overdue, it's too bad no one bothered to do so while he was alive. Snyder was also the victim of a family tragedy. He was the father of five children, three of whom died of cystic fibrosis. The Price of Miscegenation The recent death of the daughter of for-mer baseball star Rod Carew taught me an important lesson. Carew, about as pure a black as they come, married a Rus-sian Jewess. His daughter (not as ugly as you might think, given her heritage) came down with leukemia. The parents could not find a suitable bone marrow donor because of the girl's unusual genetic en-dowment. The lesson to be drawn from this is nix to race-mixing. Unsurprisingly, dedicated equalitarians disagree. They as-sert in their routine, illogical manner that we need more race-mixing, not less, if those pesky oddball gene mixes are to disappear. J.H. Big Chief Censor Abe Foxman, chief honcho of the ADL, the West's all-powerful censorship organ-ization, screwed up in his latest blue-penciling venture. Rethinking an ADL award for a book about Polish Christians, Did the Children Cry?, Foxman decided the work over-emphasized Polish assis-tance to Jews and downplayed Polish anti-Semitism. After the ADL ordered the award withdrawn, a thunderous roar of complaints forced Foxman to change his mind and send the $1,000 prize money to Stanley Lukas, the author. The Clintons made $316,074 last year, on which they paid $75,437 in federal taxes. Chelsea increased the family's take by $12,468, which was derived from roy-alties from a book by Virginia Kelley, her late grandma. The Gores paid a federal tax of $71,493 on the $235,974 they gar-nered. The Veep received $41,302 in roy-alties from his book, fanh in the Balance. Tipper's writings and photos brought in $376. # Highest AIDS rates, as of October 1995: District of Columbia 185.71100,000 resi-dents; Puerto Rico 70.3; Florida 56.9. As to cities: Jersey City, 138.1; San Francisco, 129.7; New York City, 122.5; Miami, 117.2; Newark, 86.8. North Dakota had the lowest state rate, 0.8. # Phoniest figure in recent medical litera-ture: If blacks were as healthy as whites, the country would have 80,000 fewer deaths a year. # In the period Jan. 1, 1995 through Jan. 31, 1996, Hollywood moguls contributed 10 times more money to Democratic committees than they did to Republican committees. The $1 OO,OOO-plus givers in-cluded Steven Spielberg, Lew Wasserman, Edgar Bronfman Jr., David Geffen and Sid Sheinberg-Jews one and all. # In the 1980s students could graduate from 78% of the nation's colleges and universities without taking a course in the history of Western civilization; from 38% of the colleges and universities without taking a single history course. # Martinis cost $11 in Zoo City'S Regency Hotel. # In a recent 3-month period 3 Asian names were on the list of the 10 most fre-quent buyers of $500,OOO-plus homes na-tionwide. 2 Asian names and a Jewish name popped up on the I ist of the top 1 0 sellers of such pricey homes in the same time period. # The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council has received more than $100 million from the U.S. government. The U.S. Hol-ocaust Memorial Museum collected'・ about $26 million from the 1995 federat budget. So much for church and statt'i separation. # In the last 28 years violent crime has increased 4 times faster than the popula-tion. 20% of the more than 6.6 million vi-olent crimes committed each year in the U.S. are interracial. 90% of the victims of interracial crimes are white. # Germany has paid out some $62.6 bil-lion to individual Jews and Jewish groups. The German government expects this fig-ure to rise to $80 billion by the year 2030. # 2,216 applicants (5% of the total appli-cants) to state universities in California re-fused to answer a question asking them to identify themselves by race. Last year 94,000 high school students (9% of the total taking the SAT test) also ducked the racial question. # A Harris Poll survey of more than 2,000 junior and senior high school students found 60% were concerned about their safety after dark when walking to and from a friend's house. 28% worried about crime in their schools. # The CAP Index, produced by a compa-ny in King of Prussia (PA), will send you a "site specific assessment" of the crime sit-uation in your neighborhood or the neighborhood to which you are thinking about moving. Cost: $345. Phone (610) 354-9100. # Rewards for the apprehension of criminals seldom amount to more than $100,000. In the special case of Magied al-Molqui, $2 million was offered by the U.S. gov-ernment for information leading to his capture. Magied, who pushed Leon Kling-hoffer and his wheelchair into the brink, had escaped from his Italian jail. He was soon recaptured. # Three showbiz characters-Pat Boone, Bob Hope and Pat Sajak~ontributed di-rectly to Dole's election campaign. More than 50 showbizzers contributed directly-to the Clinton campaign. Majority mem-bers of the latter group were obViously under pressure from their Jewish bosses. # A trusted long-term employee of a West Coast supermarket chain stole some $300,000 worth of merchandise before he was nabbed and sentenced to 3 years' probation. # Detroit's Renaissance Center, which in-cludes four 39-story office towers and which cost $350 million to build in the 1970s, will be lucky to sell for as much as $80 million in a forthcoming "fire sale." Property values just don't fall. They free-fall in Negro cities. # The District of Columbia has 123 "cold cases" of missing women or girls. Half are assumed to have been murdered. # A recent Council on Graduate Medical Education study revealed that the U.S. in the year 2000 will have at least 100,000 more physicians than it needs. Today more than 100,000 practicing physicians in the U.S. are foreign born. # There were no murders in Thousand Oaks (CA) and Warren (MI) in 1995. In the same year, Chicago had 824, Detroit 475, Philadelphia 432. # The biggest lifetime pension collectors of retiring members of the Senate and the House: Sam Nunn $2.88 million; Sena-tors Bill Bradley and Hank Brown, $2.6 million each. In the House, Pat Schroeder and Robert Walker $4.16 million each; homo Gerry Studds $3.42 million I # ,. Detroit taxpayers had to pay $198,137 to lawyers defending Stacey Culbert, an indigent murder-for-hire Negro hitman. Altogether the federal government paid $360 million for court-appointed lawyers .for the felon in 1995. # Fodor's Gay Guide to the USA plugs 41 homo friendly cities that either have siza-ble queer populations and/or clubs, resorts and attractions (bath houses?) of special interest to the Third Sex. One such attrac-tion: a late-night water taxi on Fire Island (NY) on New Year's Eve. # Culture-mulcher Howard Stern made $15 million last year. Hairdresser Chris- tophe, who clips Clinton's and Steven Spielberg'S locks, pocketed $450,000. Black poetess Maya Angelou, who wrote about millionaires needing doctors to cure "their hearts of stone," netted a cool ~4.2 million. # Columbia University offers 83 courses in African-American studies. More than 30 in Latino and Latin American studies; 2 courses in non-Western studies are re-quired for a II undergraduates. Some 700 colleges have ethnic studies departments, otherwise known as "ethnic playpens." # Once his trial was over, Bernhard Goetz, the half-Jewish subway gunman, listed as-sets of $17,312 and debits of $60 million, of which $17 million is owed his lawyers and $43 million to his paralyzed black mugger, Darrell Cabey. INSTAURATION-JULY 1996--PAGE 25 Nedrick Hogan, 20, a Bostonian black who decided to grace Montgomery (Al) with his presence a few months ago, held a 15-year-old mother and her 1-year-old infant daughter captive for four days, dur-ing which time he repeatedly raped the baby girl, who was ambulanced to a local hospital in serious condition. The mother, incidentally, went to Hogan's pad for sex, so her hands are not entirely clean. /I Former football great Rosie Grier an-nounced during a 700 Club TV interview with Pat Robertson's man Friday, Ben Kinchlow, that O.J. Simpson is a born again Christian, though not yet ready to thump his Bible from the pulpit. Grier couldn't understand why the public is so down on Simpson. He chastised Christian churchmen for not coming out against Simpson's harassers /I The Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tol-erance in l.A., whose raison d'etre is to keep the Holocaust forever in the memory of mankind, has a gift shop that sells nov-elty candy pills "For Dumb Blondes." /I In a recent column on Germanls treat-ment of Jews in WWII, atrocity-monger George Will went out of his way to re-peat the hate-inspiring canard of a Ger-man soldier spearing on his bayonet ba-bies thrown out of a hospital window. /I The kidnap-murder of linda Rogers of Cataula (OH), a 43-year-old white mother of three, by a black youth is just one more frightful example of white women being grabbed in mall parking lots in broad daylight and driven away to be raped and murdered. This kind of crime is -gelting to be a black pastime. /I A 16-year-old black in Aliquippa (PA) offered two schoolmates $12,000 each if they would kill his parents, which th.y promptly did, while their teenage paymas-ter watched. /I , Hasidic Jews living in public housing ,projects in Brooklyn have been known to sublet their government-subsidized low-rrent apartments to people willing to pay $15,000 to $25,000 in bribes. The Hasids ~... en move to more luxurious quarters. /I , Negress Darlene Buckner and son Gregory, 19, have been accused of burn-ing down their house in Homewood (PA), for which they received $20,000 in insu-rance money. Three firemen (some or all PAGE 26-INSTAURATION-JULY-1996 of them white) died trying to put out the blaze. /I A Gary (IN) beautician claimed Mike Tyson fondled her, forced her to engage in some touchy-feely activity and bit her on the cheek while smooching her in a Chicago nightclub on April 7. The con-victed rapist will not be prosecuted. /I In commenting on her pregnancy, Ma-donna, who affirmed she would stay un-married, opined, "I hope my child grows up to be a good Catholic like me." liz Ro-senberg, the Material(istic) Girl's mouth-piece indicated the blessed event will take place sometime in September. ~ /I The Phoenix Art Museum has been proudly sponsoring an exhibit of an Am-erican flag draped over a toilet. /I f He was injured in one of those "friend-ly fire" incidents that occur all too often among law enforcement agents. But that didn't stop Desmond Robinson, a black Manhattan cop, from trying to rape the fe-male officer (race unspecified) aSSigned to j:ounsel him during his recovery. /I At a meeti ng of AI PAC, House Majority Leader Dick Armey qualified for a seat in the Knesset by uttering these pandering remarks, for which he received a standing ovation: I have the responsibility of scheduling bills that are presented to the House of Rep-resentatives. At any time I believe a bill threatens the security of the state of Israel, that bill will not be scheduled. /I The Kennedy magazine, George, lists Representative Charles Schumer O-NY) as the preeminent congresSional publicity hound. The journal did not say that much of the fanfare surrounding the Judeophilic congressman is provided by racial net-working. /I "I popped a white cop," boasted Negro Keith Harbin, after killing rookie police-man Scott Flahive, who was trying to stop' a jail break. The words didn't sit too well with the Ottawa County (MI) jury, which found Harbin guilty of murder. /I Because Congress back in post-Civil War days passed a law giving slaves 40 acres and a mule, an enterprising Texas Negro, Ben N. Badio, persuaded some 200 naive blacks that they had a right to a $40,000 income tax credit. Badio, who made out their tax returns (for a $250 fee) didn't inform his clients that President An-drew Johnson had vetoed the bill. The tax trickster is now in deep trouble with the IRS. /I Associate pathologist Lester Grant (race unspecified) has been arrested for molest・ ing the corpses of two children in the morgue of the Kings County Hospital in New York. /I Two Negroes in Sacramento terrorized a white woman, 26, they had grabbed from an apartment complex by forcing her to drive them around for more than eight hours while her captors looked for people and places to rob. When arrested, the kidnappers explained their fearsome activity was a IIpayback" for 400 years of slavery. /I On the payroll of the FBI fOi $1,775 a month, John Parsons, self-proclaimed pa-triot and militiaman, testified in court that his onetime good buddy, Willie Lampley, plotted to bomb gay bars, abortion clin-ics, the Anti-Defamation league offices in Houston and New York, and the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama. /I Two former aides of her husband are suing Leona Helmsley for $100 million. ". They claim the Queen of Mean looted her real estate empire by paying herself and her senile non-Jewish husband $13 million in salary since 1992, for which liberal recompense she did practically no work. The plaintiffs were also unhappy about the convicted Jewish tax evader's spending $1 million on a private jet. /I A thoroughly apologetic William Cash Jr., the British reporter who wrote a scath-ingly honest report about Hollywood two years ago, appeared at the Simon Wiesen-thai Center in Los Angeles and begged for forgiveness. It is apparent that Cash was suffering financially as the result of a silent boycott of his writings by the Cho-sen. It is also apparent that Mr. Cash has no pride. /I Thousands of blacks and whites lined up in front of a Chicago bookstore to buy autographed copies of hoopster Dennis Rodman's ghost-written book, Bad as I Wanna Be (1,400 sold in three hours). Rodman, a transvestite who fancies silver lipstick and pink eye shadow, flaunted black leather pants, a silver tank top and a pink boa. His kinky black curls were dyed silver. Thirty-four policemen were on hand to keep order. At another ap-pearance Rodman showed up naked on ~BC's Saturday Night Live. Waspishly Yours Zip 625 wants to gut my right to guttersnipe against the world of the anti-goyim. He advises me to tone down my alliteration. Harken back with me, dear Zip 625, to the uses of language as we know it. English "began" with an Old English poem called Beowulf, which dates from about 700 A.D. This epic was prob- ably reduced to writing in Northumbria and/or Mercia by those savage Anglo-Saxons who had invaded England around the 5th century. Truth to tell, the word "England" derives from liAng Ie, " the name of one of the conquering Germanic tribes. ("Angle" be- came "Angoland," which eventually became "England." That's why whites to this very day are called "Anglos.") These plunder- ing dunderhead T eutons composed an epic poem about events which had taken place earlier in Sweden and Denmark. Beowulf is the legacy and is written in the language of those villainous savages we now know as Vikings. You can't under-stand Old English without a certain amount of study, since, in many respects, it is closer to dumb Plattdeutch than it is to mod-em English. The square-headed language most closely related to English is some frozen-dead dialect of Plattdeutch called Frisian. Funny thing about these fry-by-night Frisians. They developed an incredibly complicated technique of poetry which is heavily ac-cented and alliterated. Each line of Old English poetry is a single unit; there are no rimes. The unifying force of each line (indeed of the whole poem) is alliteration. Each line is divided into two halves; each half is sep-arated by a pronounced pause called a caesura (or cut). (Julius Caesar was born by Caesarian section, whence the operation got its name. Remember Macbeth?) Each line contains four heavy stresses (or accents), two stresses in each half of each line. Unac-cented syllables don't "count." Usually two stressed words in the first part of the line alliterate with the first stressed word of the second half of the line. Often, all four stressed words alliterate. In a Summer Season when Soft was the Sun. (Piers Plowman) Or any number of stressed words may alliterate: Sunny Swarms ofSilver Swordfish Swiftly Swimming in aSluggish Chosen Sea of Slippery moral Slime. (my own Waspish contribution) Another frequent device was "kenning"-the use of a usually compounded cliche in place of a person, place or thing. The ocean becomes transformed into the "swan-road." A ship be-comes a "wave-traveler" and so on. Since pre-papyrus poetry (where poetry existed at all) may have survived for centuries before it was finally written down, only dim-witted Odin must have known when, only frazzled Freya must have known why, and only unlucky Loki must have known who Thor the Hel out of Valhalla, cut the heart out of Nif-leheim and damned the Gotterdammerung into merely written-down Balderdash. And since all this was oral poetry originally, a good poet or "scop," as he was called, chanted or intoned his poetry by heart, usually hacking away at some crude harp. A good scop was ex-pected to be able to improvise on a given theme. Can you ima-gine? Without benefit of modern TV or the Department of Educa-tion, these dumb killer Vikings could manage to concoct a kind of entertainment so full of multicultural diversity? And it was their preferred form of entertainment, aside from rapine and plunder and swinishly swilling a crude beer-like brew called mead (made from fermented water and honey). Now isn't that funny? Those manly Vikings, whose crude cul-ture was based on clobbering and mass murder, made it manda-tory for a man to guzzle mead, a swill based on honey? Those blond beasts must have left the bees' stingers in the mead they swilled. For their culture was killing. (Not like Rwanda or Cam-bodia or Sabra and Shatila, of course.) Those old Vikings were primitive in their savagery, not like those ultra-sophisticated japa-nese and those brilliant jewish inventors of A-and H-bombs. Isn't it funny that those vicious Vikings could swill "beer" af-ter a heavy day of heartless piracy and plunder, that these swin-ish savages just loved to lay back like lazy louts to listen to heavi-ly alliterated poetry? After a hard day of heartless destruction and house demolitions, these louts loved to listen to alliterated poetry instead of watching Schweinfeld and Roseanne on TV? Nobody's perfect (except the jews, of course). But can you imagine? After lopping off a few arms and legs, just for the mere fun of killing (not like Deir Yassin, of course), these lazy, logish louts known as Vikings just loved to loll around lollygagging on alliteration and swilling down mead while they listened to scops sing their swan-road songs instead of tuning into Howard Stern. No wonder civilization is going to the hot-dogs of Holly-wood. No wonder the world has made so much progress in civil-ization since the blond beasts from the north stopped altering the muddy gene pool of Europe with rape and these blond beasts stopped polluting the world with non-alliterative names like Ibsen, Strindberg, Hamsun and Grieg. Dear Zip 625, are you beginning to understand? Are you be-ginning to get the big compact picture? Sometime ago a contributor to Instauration commented that a couple of V.S. Stinger's columns were "pure poetry." I'm sur-prised that the point hadn't been made before then. Santayana said that those who are ignorant of history will be condemned to repeat it. Dear Zip 625, do you think that those who don't know their culture are condemned to Jose it? So I'm surprised, in a magazine where one encounters so many compli-mentary references to Odin and the culture of the Vikings, that my punny little point should have been missed and dismissed so readily. I hope I have made myself clear. Get a good dictionary. If you're interested in Viking prosody, any good anthology of English literature should provide you an expanded version of what I have already been saying to you. After thumbing through a dictionary, read a little Darwin. (Remember he was describing a strategy for progress and survi-val, not a recipe for self-destruction and surrender.) Then read a little Nietzsche. Then read a little (a little goes a long way in my book) Emerson. Then read a little Thoreau thoroughly. Then read as much of Carlyle as you can stand (he's also noisy and fre-quently alliterative). Mencken is good, and so is Celine (especial-ly in French). Read the English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, my favorite (even better than Beowulffor his mastery of alliteration). In deference to your complaint, dear Zip 625, this time I have not been overly alliterative. But watch out for my next column. V.S. STINGER INSTAURATION-JUlY 1996-PAGE 27 '\ In his recently published memoir, My War, Andy Rooney is once again tugging at the veil of censor-ship. "People who have escalated the number of jews who died in concentration camps" have done no ser-vice to the victims' memory, he asserts. Rooney knows whereof he writes. He was one of the first G.l.s to "liberate" Buchenwald. His publisher, Times Books, was particularly troubled by his refusal to use the word Holocaust because "it sounds conceived by a public relations agency." Rooney, lest we forget, was suspended from his perch on 60 Minutes for three weeks in 1990 for pointing out the high degree of correlation between AIDS and the sexual promiscuity of homos. The TV pundits tell us that the "half-hour" eve-ning network news programs only provides 22 min-utes of news, the remainder of the time being devot-ed to commercials. It's worse than that. On May 21, I tuned into the CBS Evening News with a stopwatch. I clocked less than 19 minutes and 58 seconds of news. The rest of the ti me was devoted to pluggi ng pills, adult diapers, denture cream and come-ons for upcomi ng news bites. 60 Minutes (March 10) had Mike Wallace inter-viewing Paul Butler, a black professor at George Washington University Law School. In the course of his questioning, Butler let go a shocker that would turn the U.S. criminal justice system on its head. But-ler, according to Wallace, told him, "[Bllack jurors should let the guilty black defendant go free-yes, go free-on most drug charges, possession and sales, on perjury, even burglary, as long as nobody gets hurt." Before we call Butler a kook, we might remember that the Simpson jury consciously or unconsciously followed the distinguished professor's commands. David Ehrenstein, a long-term TV playwright, at-tests that almost every prime-time sitcom is infested with uncloseted queer writers. Even true-blue hetero-sexual sitcoms display "gay sensibilities," he adds. How this "sensibility" poured nightly into the eyes and ears of tens of millions of straights is affecting American culture, Ehrenstein did not care to say. janet Cooke, one of the most blatant hoaxers of modern times, is being rehabilitated after 15 years of silence. She was the black reporter who cooked up a phony story about "jimmy," an eight-year-old heroin addict, for which the Washington Post, her employer at the time, won a Pulitzer Prize and which, to the dismay of Kennedy stooge, editor Ben Bradlee, the rag had to return. Cooke now admits her guilt, but blames it on a habit she picked up to avoid the de-mands of a dominant father. Cooke's principal reha-bilitator is, unsurprisingly, Ted Koppel, Chosen head of ABC's Nightline. Meanwhile, a long and semi-forgiving article about her appeared in the june issue of GQ magazine. Soon we may be hearing about The Janet Cooke Show. Bob Grant, lately the erstwhile talk show host on New York City's WABC-AM, is supposed to have oozed with hate and spite. That may be. He was defi-nitely notorious for telling it like it is in regard to blacks, who are hard to describe with love and affec-tion. After being fired from his radio job, Grant was the target of some of the most hateful criticism ever seen in print. Bob Herbert, the upscale columnist for the N.Y. Times, was especially scurrilous. Grant, who has a sidekick named jay Diamond, never goes after Jews, which is possibly the reason he has been re-hired and given a second chance on WOR-AM. It will be interesting to see how he fares in his new post. He'll certainly be up against Negro demonstra-tions Uesse Jackson and AI Sharpton have already staged one), boycotts, Semitic diatribes and the usual death threats. Howard Stern, it might be mentioned, is often much more controversial than Grant, but his Chosenness offers him protection not available to Grant, who is an Italian American. Guess who's handing out advice to the lovelorn on many radio stations and author of the book, How Could You Do That? Not a Majority member, of course. Not a black or Hispanic, but a member of a race that specializes in telling fuzzy-minded women PAGE 28-INSTAURATION-JULY-1996 what to thi nk and what not to thi nk. Meet Dr. Laura Schlesinger, a native Zoo Cityite who is now en-sconced in L.A. Another "Dear Abby" type who calls herself Netgirl has bobbed up on the World Wide Web. She is Rosalyn Resnick, no relation as far as we know to Faye Resnick, the inhaling friend of the late Nicole Simpson. I'm sorry, but I never wept a single tear at the de-parture of Phil Donahue, who presided for 29 years over one of the most agit-propping TV talk shows on the air waves. Dashing about, microphone in hand, with nutty solutions to or disquisitions on the world's problems, Donahue has put on nearly 7,000 shows and hosted 12,000 guests, the most popular being Gloria Steinem, Ralph Nader and Jesse Jackson. Not exactly a balanced ticket. Of all the bias Donahue contributed to TV, none was more than the nighttime show he shared with Vladimir Posner, a onetime Jewish anchorman of a prime-time Soviet TV show, who fol-lowed the party line so faithfully he de-fended the shooting down of a Korean airliner. As the So-viet Empire began to Farewell to a prevaricating poobah founder, however, Posner saw the light and miracu-lously became a democrat and just as miraculously made it to the U.S. where he fell into the eager arms of Donahue. It would be unthinkable for any Ameri-can TV personality to hire a Nazi co-host. It was not unthinkable to a great electronic prestidigitator like Donahue. Nor was it to one of his devoted listeners, Long Guylander Shelley Cohen, who wants him to run for senator. From a Canadian subscriber. Recently the News-world channel of Canadian Broadcasting Corp. ran a documentary, School Colours, which had been previ-ously broadcast on PBS. Any I nstaurationist who has not seen it is in for a treat. It's the most scathing con-demnation I have ever seen of multiculuralism, inte-gration and ethnic diversity. It describes a year in the activities of Berkeley High School (CA), a school that was once predominantly white and is now predomi-nantly black and Hispanic. We are spared the left-lib slant that usually accompanies discussions about ra-cial issues. Instead the students and teachers describe in their own words why this school has become a mini-Bal kans of various ethnic groups. From the stu-pid liberal white principal, jim Henderson, who hired professional ethnic agitators to come and teach in the school, to Mollie Gerstein, who loves to "challenge" her black pupils by getting them to read a book on the celebration of various ethnic holidays, the school is a microcosm of the decline of Western civilization. When you watch the antics of an arrogant little black punk confronting school counselors who want to ex-pel him for attacking a teacher or listen to a Latino rabble-rouser who wants to take over the school paper, you will be tempted to hurl things at the screen. But it is the sheer honesty of this documen-tary which keeps you glued to the tube. Frankly, I am surprised that either PBS or CBC agreed to air it. It goes against everything they believe in. It was re-freshing to hear so many students openly question the whole concept of racial integration. Perhaps some of the white kids in this school will grow up to be Instaurationists-if they aren't already! From Zip 087. Twisted Desire shows WNBC's continuing antiwhite attempts to discredit my race. Casting white actors in the role of black criminals represents a new low in the integrity of the producers. From Zip 113. During PBS's recent televising of the thoroughly overdone 25th anniversary gala for James Levine, conductor of the Metropolitan Orches-tra, General Manager Joseph Volpe effused about the close cooperation between himself and the Maestro. Two separate sources have since explained to me how helpful Volpe has been in getting his conductor out of a number of scrapes resulting from Levine's predilection for young black boys. I am told that in-siders use the nickname "Porky Pig" to describe the chubby Jewish pedophile. From Zip 913. Richard Moran, sociology profes-sor at Mount Holyoke College (MA), recently made an interesting point on National Public Radio. He stated that since crime statistics are often misleading, we should always ask who pays for the numbers and how they are computed. The same caveat should also be applied to the propaganda that issues from Na-tional Public Radio itself, which daily launches bat-tleship-loads of minority-biased swill into the ether. From Zip 420. CBS's miniseries about Ruby Ridge often had me both cursing and lamenting. Casting Laura Dern, ex-wife of Jeff "The Fly" Goldblum, as the heroic Vicki Weaver, must have struck pleasing chords on Jews' harps. INSTAURATION-JUlY 1996-PAGE 29 \. Notes from the Sceptred Isle-John Nobull A lot of enlightening books are sold by right-wing mail-order booksellers, but there is little evidence that the au-thors of right-wing articles have actually read them. All too frequently they assume we are up against a world hydra completely controlled by a central command-a hydra with Zionist, Freemason, UN, Bilderberger, Trilateral Com-mission and the Council on Foreign Relations tentacles. Sir Oswald Mosley always warned against this attitude, saying that it gave the impression we were not up against men but gods who are omniscient, all-powerful and incapable of error. That Weltblick can only de-moralise us. Those pernicious organisations are in-deed interlocked, but they are not always of one mind. Quite often there is an opportunity to insert a crowbar into the cracks between and inside them so as to lever them apart, dislocate their operations, disrupt their timetables and frustrate their plans. There are no organisations of any size that do not contain dissident elements, not even the mur-derous Mossad. Corroborating evidence is found in two books by Victor Ostrovsky: By Way of Decep-tion: the Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Offi-cer (1990) and The Other Side of Deception: a Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda (1994). The first book was mainly ghostwritten by Claire Hoy, a Canadian (male) journal ist. The sec-ond appeared under Ostrovsky's name alone. I have heard people suggest that Ostrovsky's books supply disinformation, like Seymour Hersch's The Samson Option, the purpose of which was to advertise Israel's huge arsenal of atomic weapons, so that its Arab enemies would make fewer demands at the bargaining table. But it is difficult to see how revela-tion of Mossad's activities could possibly be to Israel's ad-vantage. The establishment media have not relayed the in-formation in Ostrovsky's books, as they would certainly have done if it had been misinformation-and as they did in Seymour Hersh's case. Ostrovsky had every motive for going public, because if he had kept a low profile, Mossad could have assassinated him without any questions being raised. With the high profile of a best-selling author, Mos-sad can hardly touch him, but a Zionist spokesman had in-dicated that he would have no objection to someone in his native Canada murdering him. Canada, by the way, dominated by the Bronfmans and their World Jewish Con-gress, is the least free country in the Western World, less free even than Germany. Ostrovsky describes the organisation of Mossad and its methods of training in great detail. He says that the whole organization has a mere 1,200 employees, including secre- FACE 30--INSTAURATION-JUlY-1996 taries and cleaning staff. Only 30 to 35 case officers or kat-sas operate worldwide at anyone time. This is a tiny num-ber as compared with the 25,000 employees of the CIA (which is now headed by the Jewish wire-puller, John Deutch), But Mossad is only the directing brain for many thousands of actual or potential sayanim, or "helpers," to be found among the Jews of the diaspora, In other words, all "good" Jews have double loyalties, and their loyalty to Israel is greater than to their nominal country. A ref-erence to the sayanim by a Defense Dept. official led to a witch-hunt recently-not of the sayanim, but of the spokesperson-together with demands by the Anti-Defamation League for punishment and recantation. What Ostrovsky was trying to bring about was nominal peace with the Arabs-precisely what Ra-bin and Peres tried to do. I call the peace nominal because it left large pockets of Zionist settlers on the West bank to undermine the aborning Palestin-ian state and to serve as potential centres for future expansion. The Gaza Strip remained a crowded concentration camp, where the inevitable Arab ex-tremists could be manipulated by Mossad to justify hostile ads of Jews against the Palestinians. The ex-plosives of the suicide bombers who have been kill-ing Israel is recently were far too sophisticated to have been devised by the terrorists alone (like the Oklahoma City bomb, now I come to think of it). After all, Rabin himself appears to have deliberately set off bombs on at least one Jewish refugee ship in the port of Haifa after the war in order to drum up sympathy for the Zionist cause. I think the motive of Rabin and Peres was to create the conditions under which Israel could dominate the economy of the Middle East (which was obviously the Zionists' long-term plan back in 1947, when they grabbed the Negev Desert and Eilat, thus cutting the Arab world in half), Mossad and the Likud Party merely want confrontation to justify further Israeli territorial expansion. As a footnote, allow me to recall an incident which took place at a diplomatic party some six years ago. A close friend of mine was talking to a rather pretty genuine German blonde (her Nordic features went with the hair), who was employed as a secretary at an Israeli Embassy on the Continent. She described some of her colleagues as "little terrorists, really, always going out to commit some crime or other," and smiled indulgently. My friend sug-gested that she would be at a premium among the Israel is. She asked why, and he said it was because she was so good-looking. At that, she looked confused and wary. The conversation ended abruptly. Canada. By doubling his interest in the Southam newspaper group to 40%, Conrad B lack now controls through his Hollinger Inc. 59 of Canada's 104 daily newspapers. Worldwide, Black controls 150 dailies and 350 weeklies in Canada, the U.s., Israel and Australia. The main props of his journalistic empire are the London Daily Telegraph, the Jerusalem Post and the Chicago Sun-Times. Who is Conrad Black? The easy an-swer is that he's one of those tycoons whose newspapers delve deeply into the private lives of others, but ferociously guard the owners own privacy. His pre-sent wife is Barbara Amiel, a pill-happy, bosomy Jewess who writes a column for Britain's Sunday Times. His first was Shir-ley Hishon, who bore him three children. The current Mrs. Black is four years older than her husband, who is her fourth. To get an idea of her mindset, one of her col-umns (Nov. 1993) was headlined, "Ves, I'm a bitch, but don't call me rich." Expelled from a tony Canadian prep school for stealing final exam papers, Black, who converted to Catholicism, says he was born an Angl ican. He has a high opinion of greed, which "has been seriously underestimated and denigrat-ed-unfairly in my opinion." On the plus side he is opposed to "the Jesse Jackson-ites who seem to want to turn the u.s. Treasury upside down over the black communities of America, like a giant pig-gy bank" He counts among his friends Sir James Goldsmith, Peter Bronfman, Paul Reichmann and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. George Will and Henry Kissinger get top billing on his international advisory com-mittee. It's difficult to know what to think about Black's ownership of the Jerusalem Post. Possessing such a property would bind him rather closely to the Jewish state. If, as he proclaims, he is a conserva-tive, then he must be a member of the neo-con variety, which means that the Pales-tinians can hardly expect any justice from Black's media colossus. A transcript of a Heritage Front infor-mation hotline that was read in a Court contained the words, "Jewish Mafia," and the charge that the Canadian government was seeking "vengeance" for Jews by its pursuit of Nazi war criminals. When a more accurate transcript was found, it re-ferred to "Jewish lobbyists," not a "Jewish Mafia," and "justice" not "vengeance." Calling the handling of the transcript "sloppy" (he might have said it was a for-gery), a judge threw out the contempt of court charges against Wolfgang Droege, who had previously been charged by the Canadian Human Rights Committee for distributing "hate messages." The Droege case is one more example of what right-wing groups, like the Heri-tage Front, are up against in Canada-and almost everywhere else in the West. To prevent any objective critique of mi-norities, the anti-racists are not averse to stooping to outright crime. Why shouldn't they? They know they will never be pros-ecuted for doing what rightwingers are jailed for. From a subscriber. Instaurationists seem to reserve a special proviso with regard to Orientals, citing such qualities as befit "quiet, scholarly, hard-working, racial isolationists." I wish there were a wider apprehension of just what a significant threat these people represent. If there was a time when Asians did not mix, that time is long past. Contrary to the National Geo-graphic's assertion that Toronto is a mod-el of multicultural bliss, it is actually a steaming midden of ethnic pottage. The white man and his moon-faced concu-bine is a perennial fixture on city side-walks. Hard-working? Maybe. I do know that without exception, every Asian-owned store where I have shopped charg-es the full complement of taxes, while es-chewing the cash register. The tallying is performed on a calculator. Any thinking person (at last count there were three in this country) has to assume it's a fiddle. Prior to WWII, Orientals were character-ized as devious, unscrupulous, inscruta-ble-the Vellow Peril. Subsequent to the Japanese economic miracle, public opin-ion has been totally transformed. I'm dis-appointed that so many racially con-scious individuals are now engaged in defending Asian "virtues." Britain. Readers may have wondered what happened to Mark Campbell, the first black to join the white troopers of the Queen's Household Cavalry. The sad truth is that just before he was to gallop out in his resplendent white, red and gold uniform to ride beside the Queen on V-J Day ceremonies, he fell off his horse. He was so crestfallen that he later went AWOL and is now out of the army. More than anyone else, wimpish Prince Charles can be blamed for pushing this particular racial envelope. In a ploy to cozy up to the media, he announced he wanted black faces in the all-white cavalry unit. France. The Abbe Pierre, once the most popular man in France, was qUickly de-popularized, after he had a few kind words to say about a book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, written by his friend, Roger Garaudy. The heat on the Abbot became so intense that he left France and took a two-week break in a Benedictine monastery in Italy. Garaudy is now the target of a judicial probe for vi-olating France's hate laws. If he is brought to trial and convicted, he could get a 60,OOO-franc fine and one year behind bars. If the charge is expanded to racial hatred, he could get five years in one of France's uncomfortable and inhospitable prisons. Garaudy, by the way, is a politi-cal and ideological chameleon. He start-ed out life Germany. The Allensbach Institute, one of Germany's leading polling firms, reported that the right-wing Republican Party would receive 4.5% of the vote in a recent election in the state of Baden-WGrttemberg, even though the pollsters knew the vote would be much higher (it turned out to be 9.1 %). The purpose was to stop any bandwagon effect that might be developing for the party. The co-director of Allensbach admitted the fraud, but said it was done for an honorable cause-to hurt the election chances of an anti-foreigner party. Such rigged polls are not unknown in the U.S. The writings of Lenin, Stalin and Hon-ecker, the Moscow stooge who ran East Germany, are freely available in the Fa-therland. Hitler's Mein Kampf is verboten, but can be bought in a Hebrew transla-tion in Israel. Austria. After a mass grave was dis-covered in Upper Austria earlier this year, Jewish organizations claimed the bodies were those of Jews murdered by Nazis in WW", either in a concentration camp or on death marches. On the other hand, some forensic experts were convinced they were the remains of German soldiers who died of typhoid in a U.s'-prisoner of war camp. Both theories were wide of the mark. Further study by a team of anthro-pologists proved that the victims, 102 of whom had been disinterred, had been killed in the 17th-century Baurenkrieg (Peasant War). Since the grave was close to the site of a projected power station, authorities were happy to learn the Jewish INSTAURATION-JULY 1996-PAGE 31 claim had been disproved. Judaism for-bids Jewish graves from being disturbed. Bosnia. The war in this wreck of a country has already cost about $50 bil-lion. To start the rebuilding, the World Bank estimates that $5.1 bi Ilion is need-ed, $1.8 billion this year. In human terms the war has cost 250,000 dead and 200,000 wounded. Are there two Irans? The first, of past memory, controlled by Muslim funda-mentalists who kidnap U.S. diplomats, threaten our "gallant ally," Israel, and en-danger the stabi lity of the entire Near East. A second Iran is our diplomatic part-ner and arms supplier in staving off Serbi-an Christian attacks against our Muslim protectorate in Bosnia. The State Dept. elite must realize that the introduction of an armed Muslim state in the Balkans, un-der American security assurances, can only exacerbate the already festering prob-lem of controlling the unwelcome Islamic presence in Europe. Only Israel would benefit if Europeans became seriously embroiled with Islam. Russia. From Zip 021. Gang warfare rul~ the streets. Illegal immigrants steal from the citizenry both their jobs and their goods. Drug use, rap music, suicide and despair overcome many of the young. The head of state exhibits dis-graceful personal weaknesses and imma-turity. This once mighty nation, according to polls of its own citizens, is veering "se-riously off course." America? Russia? Try both. But Russia has an advantage in being a country with 1,000-year-old traditions-an ancient, deep-rooted, powerful national legacy of both Slavic pride and Russian Orthodox faith. Today, after 70 years of commu-nisn, these millennial traits are resurgent and promise explicitly to help Russia identify and repel the latest invasion, from what they openly and specifically la-bel the "New World Order." According to two leftist scholars every major political party in Russia today is moving massively to a mixture of leftist social compassion and rightist, defiant pa-triotism. The two leftists, Vadim Damier of the Institute of History in Moscow and Markus Mathyl of Hamburg, have pre-sented "chilling evidence" that all Mother Russia's sons are casting off international-ism, from the generals to the janitors, from charismatic TV reporters to Russia's number-one punk rock band which has an ultra-rightist leader who goes in for sunglasses and leather jackets. If Russian populism does come to power PAGE 32-INSTAURATION-JUlY-1996 -and it already enjoys vast support throughout the military, the police, much of the media and the voting population-a populist, nuclear-tipped superpower might be taking shape. Welling up as it does from the ancient springs of the Rus-sian soul, this new-old Muscovite popu-lism is not identical to the American brand as defined by a Jefferson or a Pat Buchanan. To Russians the interests of country and community come first. Even so-called Communists no longer talk about "class warfare" or armed support for "Third World liberation" movements. Not so long ago Russians poured billions of rubles (when a ruble was worth some-thing) into other people's battles in North Vietnam, Angola and Cuba. Today, Russia's proper concern is Russia. A landmark "Agreement to Save Russia," signed by many of the country's top politicians, clergymen, intellectuals and movie directors, declared: In our common Russian home it is poverty and want that rule. We hear the talk in families and on the street, in dy-ing factories and in cold schools, from the government and the opposition. People cannot live this way. We have to put a stop to it. What most fascinated and saddened the two left-Wing scholars was the ap-pearance of Communist chairman Genna-di Zyuganov in the first issue of the maga-zine, Soil, Tied to Our Blood. Zyuganov, chairman of the Russian Federation Com-munist Party, stated: We [Russians) are the last power on this planet that is capable of mounting a challenge to the New World Order-the global cosmopolitan dictatorship. We must work against our ...destroyers, using means as carefully thought-out and as goal-oriented as theirs are. The unity of all nationalist forces is as neces-sary to this end as air. Incredibly, in view of the old Soviet claim that Russia had lost 20 million dead to Hitler's invasion, Zyuganov's face ap-peared on the magazine'S cover under a large swastika (albeit in a rounded Viking style). The magazine is published by the Vedic League, harkening back to the Ve-dic religious philosophy of the Aryans of ancient India. An interesting journal for a Communist interview! In its second issue the magazine declared: "Mankind" is only a generic con-cept. The more specific types are white, yellow and black peoples. The most re-cent stage of evolution saw the rise of the white man, who has a more creative mentality and also more energy ....To mix various kinds of peoples is contrary to nature and harmful. The Communist Party [after Stalin] turned away from the principles of class which divide white people and has come over to support our national interests. Damier and Mathyl concluded som-berly that the top clergyman in Russia, the Metropol itan of S1. Petersburg, is an "xenophobe, an anti-Semite and a Rus-sian nationalist." They asserted that there are only about 100 leftist street-fighters now in Moscow, hardly enough to face 10,000 armed, trained populist militia-men under a former karate expert and re-tired Soviet Special Forces sergeant named, appropriately, "Barkashov." Israel. The new prime minister, Benja-min "Bibi" Netanyahu, is a slick, Nordic-appearing bon vivant with a bleached blonde (third) wife and a genuinely young blonde daughter. Not exactly Israeli proto-types! Netanyahu, an M.I.T. grad, whose modus operandi with women reminds one of Clinton, promises peace and se-curity for his country, a country which so many of us are in the habit of forgetting is a minuscule beachhead on the southwest tip of Asia. Instead of peace, the chances are overwhelming there will be continu-ing violence; instead of security, more Arab and Muslim armed resistance inside and outside of what was once Palestine, some perhaps spreading to the U.S. which most Muslims consider to be the "Great Satan." According to some observ-ers, Netanyahu owes his victory to Arthur Finkelstein, the American Jew who has done wonders at election time for such disparate clients as Senators Jesse Helms and Alfonse D'Amato. Americans will be called upon to come up with ever more cash and arms for the Zionist state, as more and more Is-raelis move to the U.S. In other words, the new Israeli government will follow in the same bloody footsteps of earlier gov-ernments. The peace process will contin-ue its false progress. It may take 50, 150 or 200 years until the land the Zionists stole will be re-turned to its rightful owners. But it will happen. Geopolitics is in the long run a stronger force than Jewish racism. The irony is that the Palestinians have much closer genetic links to that unhappy coun-try than the Zionists, most of whose an-cestors were native to Eastern Europe. Someday the West will come to its senses and stop the huge financial subsidies to the Compromised Land. Then the Zionists will have no choice but to move bag and baggage to New York, Beverly Hills and Washington, the true centers of modern Jewish life.

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