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Haidong Gumdo documentary

Haidong Gumdo documentary

朝鮮コピー産業 健在
95suprausa 15 時間前
so basically my point was that koreans think that those metal sticks that was imported from korea in old times, was identical to the swords the japanese developed themselves. and same with MA. so even though many things came to japan from or through korea, it has changed over 1100 years into something unique to japan. koreans often have the idea that japan took their culture and everything and says it's japanese, which is obviously ridiculous. i do not disagree with your comment though.
Devoti aznpwnsalot さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 16 時間前
regarding kendo and aikido: my point exactly. also it came from japan.
many people migrated between korea and japan in old times. such as the first scribes most likely came from korea teaching chinese symbols to the japanese. also the emperor system was adopted from the chinese, likely through korea. also the first swords were imported from korea. however the japanese quickly made it their own, and it evolved into a rather unique culture, was my point. so from 900 onwards is almost all japanese.
Devoti aznpwnsalot さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 16 時間前
err... i can to a certain degree read japanese, but i can't read chinese. and google translate is shit when it comes to languages not related to english...
Devoti aznpwnsalot さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 16 時間前
Allow me to show you actual records
As you can see, they mostly touch on ports, they do not pass through
aznpwnsalot Devoti さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 19 時間前
Uh. No, you're arguing two different things. I would like to point out that the actual kendo, aikido did not exist in korea pre 1900s.
As for japan learning from chinese through korea, that's also a misnomer. There were two sea routes at the time. both of them were through korea. However, both of these involved boarding on ports and leaving on the same boat. Nothing ever needed to pass through korea itself.
aznpwnsalot Devoti さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 19 時間前
Haidong gumdo is just a big scam...
cepomwa 1 日前
thanks,ill be sure to look into it
MRBONKERS1000 Devoti さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 2 日前
you can also check when the different martial arts were founded, e.g. aikido/hapkido, kendo/kumdo. of course there's a lot that is originally korean, but it usually stays within korea. japan imitated china in the old times, the closest landmass to japan is korea, so everything came through korea. then the japanese changed it to suit themselves. as an island, japan has evolved comparably secluded, hence many very unique traits. only in modern times has koreans tried to claim it for their own.
Devoti MRBONKERS1000 さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 2 日前
ugh, oh, well, here you go:james mcclain, william wayne farris, arne kalland.
these are non-japanese historians who explains the evolution of japanese society. you can start reading a little of their books. when you know how japanese society evolved, you'd see how ridiculous it is to claim it's korean culture. you can also just google the shit, what were the first swords that came to japan, compared to the ones they made themselves. look at the difference in old japanese and korean clothes etc.
Devoti MRBONKERS1000 さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 2 日前

and whats the evidince that proves all this? is there an actual expert to clear all this shit up?
MRBONKERS1000 Devoti さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 2 日前
it's because many koreans claim things and culture unique to japan is korean, and that the japanese took it and claims it is japanese. then they take things such as japanese clothes, weapons and martial arts, change it a little, then claim it was korean all along... and better. therefore, naturally, people don't like korean martial arts.
Devoti MRBONKERS1000 さんへの返信 (コメントを表示) 3 日前
every time i try and look somthing up about this kinda thing,it always shows so many dislikes...whats with all the haters?!?!?!?!
MRBONKERS1000 3 日前

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