Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Korean comfort women advertising board the New York Times by Beijing news
慰安婦問題で謝罪要求 韓国系団体、米紙に広告
2012年5月30日 08時54分


Korean comfort women advertising board the New York Times

by Kalinda on March 31, 2012
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New York Times published a full-page advertisement on the Japanese World War II comfort women issue, South Korean singer and scholars produced and financed the advertisement said that similar actions will continue to pressure the Japanese government. At the same time, New York Times also claimed that similar ads in the future ‘landing’.

According to Yonhap, reported on the 29th, New York Times on the 28th published title is ‘Can you hear me?’ (DO YOU HEAR?) Full-page advertisement (Figure, to introduce readers to the Japanese comfort women during World War II women’s problems. Advertising comfort women, elderly people held a protest demonstration screen, the ad text reads: Since January 1992, the comfort women, grannies every Wednesday gathered before the Japanese embassy in Seoul, expand the 1,000 demonstrations, but the Japanese government has not been an apology or compensation. advertising also stressed that the Japanese government should immediately apologize to them and compensate for, the only way, South Korea and Japan in order to unite forces together to achieve peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia the integrity of the advertisement by the Korean Women’s University, Professor Xu Jingde production, and singer Jin Changxun pay all advertising costs report did not mention the costs incurred.

Professor Xu Jingde said: ‘The Japanese government attempted to prevent us from published advertising Dokdo (Takeshima in Japan called comfort women, but we use the action to the worldwide promotion of the Japanese government misconduct. Xu Jingde also produced the film and television advertisements about the comfort women and the ‘Dokdo’ and put on CNN and other international media.

South Korea’s YTN television reported that New York Times vice president of Murphy to accept the same day the station interview, said that this ad is purely the opinions ad, of course, can be published, you can also publish propaganda ‘Dokdo’ ownership advertising, will continue to publish the ad contains specific groups and individuals advocate ‘.

hese women have my sympathy and full support, but is it my imagination or does the ad read, “has never expressed any intention of direct compensation or pubic apology to the women for its atrocities”?

April 4, 20122:38 am

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