Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Perfect Food (Korea)

Perfect Food (Korea)

Why do Koreans always steal or insist originlity of other countres' culuture things like this, not showing their original things? What a passion! Meanwhile other asian countries don't act in such shameful ways. There is a big difference between Korea and other asian countries in moral.
noelfleur 1 週間前

btw if you guys should teach foreigners that you have no writing system of your own, and borrowed everything from the chinese. kanji is totally chinese, and even hiragana and katakana is modified chinese characters.
own up. don't pretend like you ahve your own writing system. put CHINESE CHARACTERS AND DERIVATIVES in your japanese writing books.
Key Arthur noelfleur さんへの返信 3 日前

hi, Key, according to the Chinese character,the investor was not today's ruler of Han ethnic, ancient Chinese was different ethnics. read historian Chen Shou 陳寿 233-297)wrote the "Records of the Three Kingdoms". although most of japanese are respect to Chinese people.

a lot of modernistic Chinese words were made by japan at cultural enlightenment era.Democracy 民主, freedom 自由, right 権利,majesty 尊厳, Chinese law or chemical textbooks are fulled with japanese languages.

you can use English with alphabet,but it was made from Egyptian Coptic or
Phoenician, and developed to Greek alphabet and Latin.
OK, from your logic is good, you should pay patent fee to Syrian or Ethiopian for using english alphabet. learn and study more in your high school before put your easy comment on youtube.

you owe the chinese your entire nation's GDP if you are talking about paying.
Key Arthur sakura0jp0aikidodesu さんへの返信 12 時間前

i am sorry i could not understand your meaning.China GDP was $5.93 Trillion US dollars in 2010,world's No.2 economy now.however China claims to japan that china is undeveloped country,requiring ODA, then japan provides US$ 6000 million in 2012. japan has provided to China amount $8 Trillion US dollars since 1972, china has not refunded US$40000 million for cost of building of Beijing airport. pay back money to japan ASAP.

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