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the testimony of grandmother Lee Yong-soo in 1993 as a sex slave for japanese. イ・ヨンスお婆さんの1993年当時の証言

forsworn korean comfort women Lee Yong-soo, she had changed her verbal evidence with ingenuity,the passage as follows.

Yi Yong-Su, Lee Yong-soo 李容洙(イ・ヨンス、이용수,1928年12月 - )

title : the testimonys Korean comfort women who were forced draft
auther : edit Korean council for women drafted for military sexual slavery by Japan
Comfort Women Issues Network Uri Yoson (Translator)

韓国挺身隊問題対策協議会・挺身隊研究会 (編集) 
挺対協  한국정신대연구소
従軍慰安婦問題ウリヨソンネットワーク (翻訳) 

compare to the statements of Korean sharing house.
the testimony of grandmother Lee Yong-soo in 1993

One day, i visited the house of my friend, her mother said that "you can not wear shoes, how ungainly you are. Look, even ,if you go with my Punsun to called somewhere, where would give even you anything you want. you can eat belly full of rice, i hear that they take care of your family"

it has been portrayed Scrupulosity Kim Punsun, her friend's mother counsel to Yi Yongsu to be a comfort woman with her daughter.
"Comfort Women Wanted" ads had appeared in newspaper,which explained that  Korean or japanese pimps pay 300 yen per one month at the time. So their parents understood 100% that their daughter become to be a prostitute.

(*statement of sharing house ; In the autumn of 1944, when I was 16 years old, my friend,) 
Punsun and I were collecting shellfish at the riverside when we noticed an elderly man and a Japanese man looking down at us form the hillside. The older man pointed at us with his finger, and the Japanese man started to walk towards us. The older man disappeared, and the Japanese beckoned to us to follow him. I was scared and ran away, not caring about what happened to my friend.

A few days later, Punsun knocked on my window early in the morning, and whispered to me to follow her quietly. I tip-toed out of the house after her. I lift without telling my mother. I was wearing a dark skirt;Tongchima, Chossum ; a long cotton blouse buttoned up at the front and slippers on my feet. I followed my friend until we met the same man who had tried to approach us on the riverbank. He looked as if he was in his (before forties) and he wore a sort of People’s Army uniform with a combat cap. (*statement of sharing house : Altogether, there were five girls with him, including myself.)
Having received a parcel contained  a red dress and shoes, you know how to child's heart glad.  I decided to go longer without even thinking  about the other thing immediately.

she attested that coming home and called Yi Yongsu was her friend Kim Punsun. her testimony is after changing that called by "military personnel and women who are confronted fired something by soldiers " In addition, Japanese man = bagnio manager dress "the national uniform".

"Soldier" "shoved the sword bayonet to her neck" , her testimony has changed now. be Glad she got the dress and leather shoes, and she talks that she decided in her own to follow around the manager of comfort stations. The soldiers forced her entrainment is lies at all.

<<changed her nonsense testimony 12 years later>>

testimony meeting in Doshisha university on April 21, 2005
i had always slept with my mother, at one night when i was sleeping, i heard a noise behind closed door. Looking and seeing what is happening, a woman peeped up me whom while being confronted head toward something. So i looked carefully, stood a soldier wearing a cap deep. The woman called me with hand gestures with looking at me without saying anything, I became afraid and i was sitting outside at the living room out of my room. then a woman and  soldier come together into  the living room, the woman was hugging on my shoulder with her hand, my mouth was blocked by her another hand.
the soldiers posed something to my back at the time. i was taken away on like that.

the moon was very bright in the evening, but across where i was abducted and carried away here, there was a tunnel both side can be through human,the above the train was running on, ther under was running the car.
Looking inside, there was one soldier and three women. i went there too. Then, one woman gave me a wrapped cloth. i touched it, it was seemed in one-piece dress or shoes. my house was closed on station, i have taken to the station and was placed on the train. At that time, i was 16 years old for korean age reckoning.
it was first time to get on the train, then i had carsickness, i said "Mom, mom, i want to go away of my mom " ,i do not remember clearly that the soldier said  "Korean" or "korean pi" ,he wielded violence to five women gripping their hairs fixed up by one, and beaten to chair.
At that time, i can not remember clearly whether there were or not people inside the train, in the train where i saw going people were brought away like that way, what i don't know how i was brought away.

(P.137)The man who had accompanied us from Taegu turned out to be the proprietor of the comfort station we were taken to. We called him Oyaji. I was the youngest amongst us. Punsun was a year older than me and the others were 18, 19 and 20. The proprietor told me to go into a certain room, but I refused. He dragged me by my hair to another room. There I was tortured with electric shocks.

(quote from her statement in sharing house)
He was very cruel. He pulled out the telephone cord and tied my wrists and ankles with it. Then, shouting ‘konoyaro!’ he twirled the telephone receiver. Lights flashed before my eyes, and my body shook all over. I couldn’t stand it and begged him to stop. I said I would do anything he asked. But he turned the receiver once more. I blacked out. When I came round my body was wet; I think that he had probably poured water on me.

led her from Taegu to Taiwan was manager of comfort stations. At first,it was the conversations between her and the brothel, however in her testimony today, she has been taken to military force. Also, the famous scene in her testimony of electricity torture, she evidenced the manager abused her. but it is is supposed that "her thigh meat was sculpted by Katana;japanese sword" by officer.
she have a bunch of double-talk what is being intensely exaggerated as well.

<<changed her nonsense testimony 12 years later>>

The electrical cord has not come out, however it have been turned military from  brothels in similar situation, and there has been created more particularly brutal scene.
i am looking in it, there was a soldier in a small room. looking from outside,the soldier was standing, the elder sister holden down my back of, crying and said me that "Mind what he say or you will be killed, then you should be downright".i was scared, and walking over to there with little trembling, i was ordered that "take your blanket, put in it" ,i was looking there was a soldier sitting again. I hated him and said that "i'm not entering to your room. why i enter in there?".when i went back, he grabbed my hair from behind, i was pulled and taken to a warehouse.

i was grabbed my hair as soon entered in it, and i would sit in a chair, but i was flown by military shoes kicks harder than stone on my waist. when i was kicked, i had visceral pain, lying on the floor, but i was grabbed my hair again, forced to sit the chair, and my thigh was cut by Katana; japanese sword. in addition, i was kicked by military shoes on my  shin. my injured leg was on fired. my hands was put on the table and sprinkled with something. i am disoriented it hurts or not, remained him, suddenly i have  strong numbness throughout in my body. And shouting that "Mother" ,the later i don't remember it. Cried my voice at that time that still i remain in my ear.

why you do such the barbarian acting to human's daughter. the reason why i am naughty? why i am need to be order by Japanese? Just because i refuse to enter the officer's room, being cut by Japanese sword? in Ancient Korea, when a thief in the night asked to woman, "which do you want to give me your life or your body" , korean women chose their life. Yet, why I have taken away at night, why i hear Japanese order?

At that time, the officer in the room where i refused to enter said to four other sisters, "a very young child whom refused to enter the room was taken away . Perhaps she would be dead. or might be Killed. looking for her". he passed them the torch. And he seemed to said that "if she is dead, i will be buried her in behind a pile" .
the elder sisters said that "if the child is dead, we would only die," and looked for having a flashlight at night.

adding such the silly and plausible lies, its characteristic of that nation.
Japanese are stunned when we see they take many lie like as exhale.

<<changed her nonsense testimony 12 years later>>

After the war ended, a boy who was seemed as same as my age came and told me that "you have to go camp" ,and he took me into the camp. in the camp i could eat the rice, but it was wormy. the elder sisters took all of the insects and gave me the white place.

One day a ship came here. I said "I hate to board since i might me taken away to somewhere again," and refused to ride. But i was said that "if you don't ride, you will be die," then i boarded the ship. Go by boat, arrived the port city of Busan in South Korea.There, wrapped me the insecticide called DDT and be given the money of 300 won. i don't know whether the money or not, and discarded it. i  finally headed to my house. I got on the train again, but i was pleased to go home then not care the motion sickness.

my house was closed with the station,but while running to my house from the station i slipped and got bleeding out of my mouth,knees and elbows.
i was standing outside of the gates, i saw my mother was blowing something with crying and saying to herself from outside. and she told to my brother Chongun that "Chongun, go to buy bean curd,". he asked her "how will be the tofu used?"  then mother said that"Today's memorial service day for your sister"

At that time, my house had many lent rooms to others, the living people looking me, they believed that i am a ghost then they run away to the back gate. My father was drinking much alcohol, his body had become paralyzed on one side after i was cleared out. when he saw me, he was fallen behind without speaking.

on both the doors, it is said that to come the souls or ghosts. the day they fired its.
I was out the blood while come back to home, then everyone believed me as a ghost. I approached my mother and said  "Mother" , she scared and entered to the room. when the neighbor aunt came back and said that " she is not a ghost. she is truly Chongun's sister" , my my mother passed out. then i holden my mother and gave the pounder rice.

My mother was incredulously, " pinching your skin, if you have pain, you would be truly."  pinch the skin of my hand and i was saying, "ouch,its hurts"  then  she asked me "pinch me too" ,so painful. the next time, she asked that "bite me" then i was repeatedly biting times, full of mother's wrist wound now. So finally my mother believed and caressed me "you are true. welcome back" without even without asking at all.

back to home, there is my mother and father living like nothing to be wrong, but in my heart, why  i was kidnapping, why i was needed to be taken away,i had mixed emotions. what i do anything of guilty, my mother or father might have guilt of something, or taking some mistaken. what the reason why i was taken away. i was keeping the pain.

the night when I was forced draft, my mother was not sleeping next to me, but always with me. i was cursed her why she went to side for my father till before 20 days coming to japan.
i have one of the fourth brother under the age of nine. i just heard her that why the reason. At that time, my mother gave birth for my fifth brother. the baby was crying, so she was leaving from the room, I heard the first time just 20 days before coming to japan.

Everyone, Japan is really really bad. i was a precious daughter of the parents. i am a treasure daughter of Republic of Korea. What i am sin? at the time, I was taken away to Japan. Then japan can possess me?  there have something the problem about Dokdo,Takeshima. I'm ignorant. i don't have knowledge. but i can realized that Dokdo is not Takeshima.

however Japan invaded at that time, they issued that all of them were own. Now, there is existed South Korea as fine country. we have our president,citizens, named Republic of Korea. For the sins of the time, Japan should expiate.
I am a living witness of history. Japan took me in the night,forced me to be  a sexual slavery, but they are not reflecting on their sins not at all, still they lush out.

Japanese people who read her testimonies, you will be have surge of anger coming from your heart. since the old lady as Korean liar,history is distorted, japanese are claimed from all of the world for the different facts.
i am saying times and times, called comfort women was prostitutes not sex slaves by private sectors,just commercial acting. 40% were Japanese women. The majority of the remaining were Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese as business.
Comfort station would be fine with private managers in Indonesia and Burma. the Case has been proven as military sexual assault but its was rare case, they had been received the death penalty as retrieval sin.
At least the Korean comfort women were one hundred percent as business practices. their parent sold their daughter as comfort women with receiving advance much money.
the fuss that korean girl were forced draft by japanese soldiers,that is just lie behind carrying all anti-Japanese propaganda.


「証言 強制連行された朝鮮人軍慰安婦たち」1993.10 明石書店 より



■(P.133) プンスンと川で貝を採っていたら、向こうの土手の上にみたことのない老人と日本人の男の人が立っているのが見えました。老人達が私たちの方を指さすと、男の人は私たちの方に降りてきました。男の人が私達に手真似で行こうという仕種をしましたが、プンスンは知らん振りして反対の方に逃げました。



2005年4月21日 同志社大学 証言集会





2005年4月21日 同志社大学 証言集会

どうして人の大事な娘を連れて行ってそんなことをするのですか。私が言うことを聞かないからですか。どうして私が日本人の言うことを聞かなくてはならないのですか。 軍人の部屋に入らないからってどうして、刀で斬られたりしなくてはならないのですか。昔韓国は、夜中に泥棒が入って女性に「命を出すか、体を出すか」と言われると、命を出すという国でした。それなのに、なぜ私が夜中に連れ去られて、日本人の言うことを聞かなくてはならないのですか。








Japan PM war slavery denial uncovers old pain (CNN)
Lee Yong-soo, 78, a South Korean who was interviewed during a recent trip to Tokyo, said she was 14 when Japanese soldiers took her from her home in 1944 to work as a sex slave in Taiwan.

Statement of Lee Yong-soo (U.S. House of Representatives)
In the autumn of 1944, when I was 16 years old, my friend, Kim Punsun, and I were collecting shellfish at the riverside when we noticed an elderly man and a Japanese man looking down at us form the hillside......
A few days later, Punsun knocked on my window early in the morning,
and whispered to me to follow her quietly. I tip-toed out of the house after her.

She had worked as a 'comfort woman' for 3 years since 1944.
※1945.8.15 終戦(Japan's surrender in World War II)
※1946.10 台湾は国民党政権下(Taiwan was under Nationalist Party)

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