Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sōshi-kaimei rip out korean name? 創始改名

the official announcement from government law office to create uji(氏)
official announcement of soshi kaimei in Daegu local government law office.

the limit of time will be drawn in. As long as Aug.10.
now the time of deep thinking and decisive action.(* When the decisive consideration now. どちらがいいですか?)
don't bring down the regret to your descendants with misunderstanding.
△don't miss the chance! △let's regist at once!
1,soushi;created uji(氏) can be received till Aug.10.
lateryou can't be notified it.
The name change is permanent.
2,if the person who don't register his si(氏),then the existing legacy of head of the family would be registered as si(氏) directly,for example the householder's surname is Kim(金),Kim would be si(氏),
his wife Yoon Jeong-hee 尹貞姫 would be Kim Jeong-hee 金貞姫,the daughter Park Namujo 朴南祚 might be Kim Namujo,rather than became to regret.

3,There seem to be confused with si(氏) and sei(姓),si(氏) is surname (*family honor )
and sei(姓) shows the male line of descent,there is difference at all in each kind.
4,There seem to be some mistaken, when setting up si(氏) legacy would be vanished,no worry since sei(姓) and hongan(本貫);clan name would be conserved
and keeping in official family registration.
5.some people thought who must be set to the same si(氏) in monchu(門中);the lineage group of tie up the male line or sochu(宗中);association of the male line relations.its big mistaken.
si(氏) is family honor then its it is natural that showing the difference si(氏) name to each house. is seemed that you are thinking cap to pick your si(氏),rather too much thinking would be wander more,its good to decide the terse style firstly.
7.the deadline will coming.If you have any questions,please feel free to contact to city office (府面邑) or government law office(法院) firstly.

Daegu local government law office (大邱地方法院),city office to village.


期限は刻々に迫る 八月十日限り 今熟慮断行の時


1. 創氏届け出は八月十日までです。その後創氏届けはできません。名の変更には期限がありません。
2. 八月十日までに氏の届けをなさぬ者は従来の戸主の姓がそのまま氏となる結果、戸主の姓が金なれば、金が氏となり、妻尹貞姫は戸主の氏に従い金貞姫となり、子婦の朴南祚は金南祚となり、紛雑するおそれがあります。
3. 氏と姓とを混同する向きがあるようですが、氏は家の称号であり、姓は男系の血統を表するもので、両者の性質は全然異なっております。
4. 氏を設定すると従来の姓がなくなるという誤解があるようですが、氏設定後においても姓および本貫はそのまま戸籍に存置されますから心配ありません。
5. 門中または宗中は同一の氏を設定しなければならぬと考えられている人もありますが、大いなる誤解であります。氏は家の称号であるがゆえに、各家異なる氏を設定するのが当然であります。
6. 氏選定について熟慮中のようですが、考えすぎるとかえって迷うおそれがありますから、速やかに簡明なものに決定するのがもっとも理想的であります。
7. 期限も迫りました。不審の点は早く府面邑または法院へお問い合わせください。


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