Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chitose bon temae 千歳盆点前

Chitose bon temae is created by 14th master;iemoto Tantansai's wife Seikoin for his sixtieth is called after she song the poem;waka that meant i wish your long live till 1000 years old.
the temae;how make a tea;Usucha is very simple,its based from Bonryaku temae which was created by Ennosai,originated the otemae in urasenke style.
to carry the tools of unit in the round box with a cover in the tea room,taking off the cover and use it as tray.
ashirai:how to use the tools and the behavior are very gracious, i think its feminine.
the temae is very friendly manner,you could use it in Yaten;outdoor tea party each season.


14世家元 淡々斎の還暦を祝い、夫人の清香院が考案した盆略点前。千歳までお元気でという意味の歌を詠んだところから命名されたそう。
to celebrate your 60th birthday, pine trees in my garden would be not change the colour spending after one thousand year,i wish your healthy.  by Kayoko
千歳万て 可わらぬ以ろの 耳は乃松 幾美可与者ひ裳 かくこ所 阿羅奈舞
千歳より かわらぬ色の庭の松   君がよわいも かくこそあらなん  嘉代子

the temae needs special shiki kobukusa(敷古帛紗); colored textile,the right is it.its smaller than useally kofukusa (古帛紗)


Chitose bon has two type,
they are painted the leaf of gingko as urasenke's family emblem and the chinese character of "today",or Kayoko's song.


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