Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ronpao Chinese emperor's cloth

- Chinese Lucky  motifs - Longpao
In January, displaying at the store,designed clothing auspicious patterns which to be appropriated on New Year's, Various  Lucky patterns in Japanese Kimono (Kisshou pattern) can be seen, neighboring Chinese entrust auspicious to the various Lucky  motifs and prayed for the happiness and longevity. In particular, the Qing Dynasty (1616-1912) Longpao  (dragon dress) which Emperor and his evolutions wore has  has represented thousands of Lucky.

Longpao wore in public court, there was different color against the identity of wore by the person. Class was divided in society,where clearly had been colored in at his glance who was wearing. Huang;emperor wore yellow light,Crown Prince wore Huang Xing Amber color, Prince as yellow gold (orange), otherwise wore  blue directly below. The case of women, Empress wore bright yellow, the second wife of the following wore distinctly from yellow gold.

longpao;it is central to the dragon named as Dragon pattern of law. The dragon is an imaginary animal of course, but a universal apotheos like God,as has been respected to the people that sign up as an auspicious animal. And his figure is full of majestic emperor ruled in the world, just is adorned with clothing as a symbol of the emperor.on ronpao,there are nine Golden dragons have five nails and a couple of Angle. (not counted the dragon in the black collar at cuffs )
on the back and shoulders and chest has facing the front four dragons, around the waist is two dragons face each other. these are number of 8. The last dragon hides where combined in front of the clothes on the bottom part. However, the lowly mem could not put the nine dragon, the dragon had 4 claws only.

the dragon is running around the heavens are filled with clouds.
the clouds are called Ganoderma clouds since they are similar with the Reishi mushroom shaped, symbolizing the flow of auspicious clouds (clouds of purple) are. Between the cloud Buddhist cross (swastika),flying bats are added peaches.these bats mean Lucky. in China,the Auspicious phrase that can not form the words were expressed with the help of Chinese sounds. like 富貴長命,means that There is wealth in the long, high status yet.
-中国の吉祥文様- 龍袍
(-ちゅうごくのきっしょうもんよう- りゅうほう)





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