Friday, September 16, 2011

Fuji TV 21 August rally, really! Non-violent political activism is healthy

Fuji TV 21 August rally, really! Non-violent political activism is healthy

What s sick man!! As american myself, this is why I personally hate japanese. I think Japs are very jealous of Korea and China. I read a history book recently. Do you know how many people in Nanjing, China were killed by Japanese soliders? I don't think the Japanese history book mentions anything like this. Do you know Japanese soldiers killed a Korean Queen and her family in 1920s? You see why Korea doesn't have their King or Queen anymore. You never knew that, right?
  • @ktfx01 Japanese authority is asking international community to ignore these protesters. I do think that's the best even though it's hard.
  • My conclusion is
    '兪' is Fukuzawa's father's family name.
    '閔' is Fukuzawa's mother family name.
  • Fukuzawa help 兪吉濬 very closely.
    why did he helped him? because Fukuzawa was Korean Japanese.
    or Fukuzawa was siblings or relatives of '兪吉濬'
    Fukuzawa founded 慶應學院.
    The palace of Korea queen (Mrs.閔) was '慶熙宮'.
    Both have '慶' in the naming.
  • There are clues. 兪吉濬 studied with Fukuzawa in Japan.
    兪吉濬 and Fukuzawa both studied abroad(USA).
    兪吉濬 and Korea queen's relative(Mr.閔) was working together.
    Japan samurai group killed Korea queen(Mrs.閔).
    So, 兪吉濬-Fukuzawa-Korea queen(閔)-Korea queens relative(閔).
    All are connected.
  • I wish we had Mexicans and Canadians as our neighbours LOL
    We have North Korean fascists, Commie Chinese and exCommunist Russians and anti Japanese South Koreans with inferiority complex. all of them trying to steal Japanese islands.
    We need to be better with our friends in Taiwan and Phillipines.
  • @ktfx01 wow, you dumb Koreans say everything Japanese even Karate, Judo, Aikido, Samurai, Ninjya, Bonsai, etc was originate in Korea lol now you are trying to say Fukuzawa Yukichi is Korean?
    go be proud of your Kimchi and Dog eating culture and stop looking this way trying to claim Japanese culture as Korean.
  • Playing Korean drama's is no problem.
    Including Pro-Korean Anti-Japanese subliminal messages was the main problem.
    It's also a problem because Korean gov are involved in K-Wave PR and also using the K-POP to advance their anti- Japanese message of stealing Takeshima, changing the name of the sea to East Sea. etc. It is political propagandizing. considering the airwaves belong to the people of Japan and not to Fuji, Fuji do not have the freedom to play anti Japanese propaganda if its profitable
  • There was a Korean person who studied in USA in late 19c
    His name was '兪吉濬'
    Fukuzawa Yukichi(福澤諭吉) maybe 兪吉濬's sibling or relatives.
    Both of them studied abroad(USA) at the same time.

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