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swiss civil defense for peace and freedom スイス民間防衛

quote from handbook of swiss civil defense

"Peace and freedom, what are not everlasting just because once it was secured. Switzerland has never imperialistic ambitions nor dreaming conquest of other territory. However, our country maintains the independence, we want to keep the system which is created for ourselves.
to take the effort, its the authorities and citizens duty for our country itself. To prepare for military defense, it takes constant effort, even for mental defense we no less need to devote in it.
each citizens, people must be prepared to suffer the shock of war.
Upon receiving the news before you prepare yourself rather,it would bring the tragic disaster.
to declaring "never has our country not war" is just imprudence, as a result would bring the big disaster.

Enemy attacks, workaround plan in Switzerland, quote from P235
do any Swiss people want not to live in peace with the world? not any Swiss people who don't want non-war? the reason why we put troops on the border is due to leave us in peace, let us live in by other countries.
Happiness of mankind is important to us. We have contributed to it as hard as one can. for example, Red Cross activities, aid to developing countries, and representative of the interests of the country in war. However, this is as real.
if we don't know it, we would be the good-natured or careless. As long as armed countries surrounding us, we can not neglect the national defense.
The possibility of attack what belligerent conflict in Europe to Switzerland, we have to think deeply the recent experience of two world wars.
Assuming the potential enemy - not able to determine under the advertising blurb on, even in the blurb, even though they're quoted phrase in Bible.
We make sure the fake pacifists are not stop to make their militants. Our belief is sincerely. We are going to kill nobody, but must ensure our defense justly.
not us forced to use our weapons! in all of we have a sincerely wish to further.

"The power of foreign propaganda" (P232)

Other countries let the public give up the fight, they can overcome their resistance.
army has Military aircrafts, armored vehicles, trained troops, but if they convince that they are useless to the people in the country, they can defeat us without through the ordeal of fire.
that becomes possible, the result of clever propaganda.

It is like demon's seduction,be accused to our most sublime emotion.
Cooperation between each ethnics, dedication to world peace, the order of establishment with love, mutual aid. War, destruction, fear of killing.
so the conclusion, abandoning our outdated military defense.
Newspaper, write up their articles which encouraged by the noble humanitarian sentiments.
The school teach the importance of friendship between nations.
The church, preach the Gospel of mercy.
thus propaganda, also using the movement of most regardable mind, help for the most sinister intentions.

"Law of war" p218,219
War itself is regulated by the law of war.

(1) The law of war, is only applied to whom wearing uniforms, combatants who trained and under the command of his superiors.

(2) All persons belonging to civilians and civilian disaster management, must not be made any military operations. the isolated acts are totally useless. it only leads to unnecessary retaliation.

(3) Any person has not been incorporated into military or civilian disaster management organization who wishes to participate in the defense of the country's cooperation shall issue his or her district to the commander. then he will put armband of white cross on red or wear the army uniform at least.

(4) residents are never going to act against the prisoners, must not show the antagonism. Even under any standing, every wounded and sick even enemies should be helped. On the other hand, spies, saboteurs who wore fake military uniforms or civilian clothes, traitors should be caught, be handed over to the court-martial. They would be judged by a military tribunal in accordance with international law of war.

(5) military facilities, bridges, roads, destruction of railway lines, industrial facilities to be disabled, interrupting the stockpiling of food, these can only be done by all the military orders. these practices carried out by his arbitrary decisions, or to do what is the illegal acting.

(6) All Swiss, men and women, whether belonging to the army and not, when  at risk of his body, life an honor, he has the right of self-defense. No one can violate to these right.

"To prevent surprising attack" p233
Need to expose the deception of the enemy acts like this.
Switzerland never hold any ambitions of conquest to somewhere.
never attempt to attack other country, we wish peace only.
However, at present the world, in order to keep the peace, to maintain the current status  while servicing for other countries, not only by the military to ensure the safety of the country, Switzerland believe.
we will answer as follows to people who claims that never confront the powers where equipped with modern weapons.

"Experience prove the opposition" p233
Today, one tumultuous can involve  critically to put in many countries.
Therefore, we would be not alone extraordinary, not endure the strain of the attack, the attacker would be for us only part of their strength.
And if this kind of partial force size, we are able to fight back with equal strength. In addition, advancing in technology, it is needed the necessary to deploy troops sparse on the ground, thus is the favorable condition for us. Our defense is very easily by it.
we know that in order to disabuse our weapons, potential enemies need to waste a lot of extraordinary force than to subdue our country.
In the First World War, also in the Second World War, and we survived the attack it was not due to chance.

the Fortunately, it is for our indomitable fighting spirit and to protect themselves, by our military preparedness and effective.
In addition, examples of Finnish 1939~40, Israel in 1956 or 1967, proves our idea was correct. these small countries could defend himself, be able to maintain the national presence.

"Freedom and Responsibility" p237
Democracy respects the opinions of the individual.
One of the biggest advantages of this democracy.
Democracies can not intervene until the words of private individuals.
Press, radio and television are free.
Each person, in time of peace can go abroad without a little difficulty.
Each person can choose a party like his own.
"Free" the country where the phases is not empty word, a substantial fine free content, there is like that.



敵国の攻撃に対する、スイスの回避策 /  「民間防衛」より引用 P235
















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