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The Mongol invasions of Japan (元寇 Genko) of 1274 and 1281 원의 일본 원정

Japanese invasions of Korea (1592~1598) 文禄・慶長の役 Imjin Waeran 壬辰倭亂 임진왜란

The Mongol invasions of Japan (元寇 Genko) of 1274 and 1281 원의 일본 원정


Kim Jong-il(金正日) has some atomic bombs and launcher to japan,and south korean people are pleasure the fact.they watch the anti-japan movie like "The Rose of Sharon Blooms Again"and laught. unfortunately in history,korean didn't have ability to govern,they always have devoted intestine strifes in royal court,and people is going hungry and die.korea should had be strong like Switzerland,but korean waged their tails to advantage.

do you know korean word,"death from starvation still spring"(春窮 or 春飢) they had eaten even their seed of wheat or rice while waiting spring,and died with hungry.even now north korean people have been dying with forgets the fact that china had colonized to korean for more than 1500 years till 1910.

they required and charged about 20 percent in coffers against the korean State every year.also Joseon (李氏朝鮮) successive kings and queens,and their relatives had exploited max to people. yangban 両班,ruling class or nobles had gotten opportunistic exploitations.

korean have been forgetting the first attack conveniently,firstly who attacked and invaded to japan.the answer is korea.korean had invaded in japan many times, Well-known attack was genko.The Mongol and korea invasions of Japan (元寇, Genko 1274-1281)

in tsushima island(対馬) and kyushu aria(九州), we have some folk tragedy story that handed down from generation to generation.cried child and request to parents some of selfish would stop his act and shivering with horribleness when be said " the devils of mukuri and kokuri are coming" (泣く子も 止むmukuri;ムクリ(Mongolian 蒙古人)、kokuri;コクリkorean (高麗兵)の鬼が来る)

the number of 1,939 families had been killed and their house had been burned by korean in tsushima island.Mongolian were savagery,but korean were more especially.the residents of japanese men were ripped down,women and children even boys had been raped by many korean then they had been abducted,later they were cut a hole in hands and through the strings to bring down easily,and had been eaten by korean. there are existed the written older document.

hideyoshi era and before ww1,the situations were very similar.16ce,it was The Age of Discovery(大航海時代) for European.they invaded and traded many people in colonization country to sale as slaves.but Ming china and korea were too week at the age....

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