Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goguryeo ladies mural in Susanri tomb 修山里古墳の壁画「侍女図」

Complex of Goguryeo Tombs 水山里(スサンリ)壁画

A study of Koguryo and ancient Japan

The mural paintings of Kitora tomb in Asuka, Nara Prefecture , Japan , which were discovered in 1983, have recently been opened to the public, provoking public reaction.  In Asuka , Japan's first tomb murals called Takamatsuzuka were found in March 1972. Since the Edo era which dates back to the 1600s, this tomb had been considered to be an emperor's tomb chamber.

A Goguryeo woman with make-up in her face
By Matt Scott
Goguryeo women's dress didn't change much except the long length of shirtsleeves. In the drawing she wears red make-up in her cheek which is called Yeonji Gonji. You can see this make-up from a bride in current traditional wedding. Mongolians also practices a tradition close to the Korean Yunjigonji .
A dancing woman
Group dance, Goguryeo

Kook Soo-ho's ``Goguryeo.'' The dance and costumes are based on a mural of an ancient tomb during the Goguryeo Kingdom period. / Korea Times File


Painted on the Northern wall Anak tomb #3, is four finely dressed women and men on its left and right sides respectively.

Takamatsuzuka in japan


korean insist that Goguryeo (37bc~668ce) was korean's own ethnic country....but the tombs are in China.





  1. That's why China need to give Corea some land where those tombs are. Just because tombs of Goguryeo are where it's in China now, that doesn't mean that it's not korean. Just keep that in mind.

    1. hi,thank you very much for your information. yes,some Ninja member think that china has the definitive plitics that they issue their history root and concerned before invade the other country land. korea has Sinocentrisum even today,they copy foreign diplomacy and culture from their previous proprietary. Gokuryo people and 扶余 Fuyu people were Manchurian,korean is Tungus Evenks. korean issue that Ju Mong 朱蒙 is korean..but in history he was just Chinese ruler of korea...