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mukuge no kai ; group of Sharon rose Takatsuki

zainich means that korean Special permanent resident in japan. they have superiority complex against japanese since olden days.

Taking Japanese citizenship is a valid tactic to take over the Koreans in Japan.

Subject: December 14, 2001 Koreans in Japan and our nationalities: YWCA Takatsuki, Osaka
Instructor: Lee Kyung-jae (mukuge no kai ; Association of rose of Sharon Takatsuki)


However, if many residents are taking Japanese citizenship,some of one ask people what to do with the problem of tenno.
i recommend you to take Japanese citizenship,then imperial system would soon collapse.
This is because foreign citizens increase more and more ahead.
In some statistics, said that the member of constituted japan would be three out of five non-Japanese one hundred years after. Japanese race would become a minority in Japan.
anyway i wish live one hundred or more,and i want to discriminate japanese before my die.This is my dream (laughs).
although we have such great tactics, it left-wing now say no deal have taken Japanese citizenship. like that even after tenno system would be forever preserved remains.

演題:在日韓国・朝鮮人と国籍  2001年12月14日場所:大阪高槻市YWCA




he also said that "according to the problem of Japan's national anthem "Kimigayo", i think that its very despotic to impose for all of the peoples to sing such the song in praise the japanese king against religious liberty."


i checked newspapers moreover...........................

a group of Korean illegally occupied a middle school room in Japan.
→Takatsuki city accused korean group.

Takatsuki City Osaka, September 05, announced the plan to sue the Osaka District Court seeking to surrender against Korean group of mukuge Takatsuki in Japan,as they have been squat room in junior high school more than a year.
submit some related proposals to the regular city Council in this September.

According to the City Education,"educational activities for korean residents" had started in fiscal 1985.
City Education opened the japanese literacy class and children meeting with the group,accepted to use the part of room of the annex as a junior youth department that approximately 30 square meters for convenience.

However, the city changed this project to"Multicultural Education for International Understanding Project" from 2001.
city decided to open the room to Korean residents as well,even for Filipinos and Brazilian,but korean group continued to occupy the same state.
For this city required them to deliver it on last January till March 31, but they rejected and claimed that "city discriminates us, oppressive us" .

the group did not respond to deliver the room even after April, and held charged Japanese language class without permission in it. the energy costs absorb the middle school. Department education for Youth said that "we can not explain to other citizens. Just why Korean people can use the room of the middle school without not paying a water bill or electricity bill.In front of their office hung out the "staff only" Board. we must open to Filipino and Brazilian people,but they occupy illegally"

but president Lee Kyung-jae chairman of the group refused that "its very regrettable for lawsuit. we fight resolutely. why city claimed us detainer,we just use the room for office."we go out quickly if city take over our activities.but city does nothing,we have legitimate right here.when Communist Party pursued it was wrong which put the office here in Parliament,but city answered that "they are for education and government's part,then no problem about settlement ther office." It's too late city refer the surrender, we only imagine they want to crack down for Korean."

by Kansai Sankei


市立第一中学校の一室を1年以上、不法占拠しているとして、大阪府高槻市は5日に同市の在日韓国・朝鮮人団体「高槻むくげの会」に対し、明け渡しを求めて大阪地裁に提訴する方針を明らかにした。9月定例市議会に関連議案を提出する。 市教委によると、昭和60年度に「在日韓国・朝鮮人教育事業」をスタート。市教委は同会と日本語の識字学級や地域子供会などを共同で行い、「便宜供与」として同中学校青少年課分室の一部、約30平方メートルの使用を認めてきた。しかし、市教委はこの事業を平成13年度から「多文化共生・国際理解教育事業」に変更。在日韓国・朝鮮人だけでなく、ブラジル人やフィリピン人などにも部屋を開放することになったが、「高槻むくげの会」が占有した状態が続いた。このため昨年1月、同年3月末までに部屋を明け渡すよう求めたが、「差別、弾圧だ」などと拒否したという。同会は4月以降も明け渡しに応じず、部屋を無断で使用して日本語講座などを有料で開催。光熱費は中学校が負担しているという。市教委青少年課は「他の市民に説明がつかない。どうして韓国・朝鮮の人だけが、水道代も電気代も払わず、中学校を使えるんですか。校内にあるむくげの会の事務所の前には、会の関係者以外立ち入り禁止の看板が出されていました。フィリピン人やブラジル人にも開放しなければならないのに、むくげの会が不法に占有しているんです」とコメント。

今さら市が明け渡しをいうのは、朝鮮人つぶしとしか考えられないですね」 と反論している。

産経関西-高槻市が在日団体を提訴へ 中学校の一室不法占拠

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