Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SNSD 少女時代 소녀시대 K-pop

Korean music is great,they are very tireless workers and sincerely.
then japanese should love them as TV show telling.but i wonder they are little bit older smell 80'years,and North korean pleasure group for Kim jongill...
TV chairs say that Korean music and drama are very popular in japanese older women, but i don't like watch them.but recently they advertise each five minutes,then i am boring.
i think their original music and choreography are very nice, but something is lack.because almost japanese women like to watch barre and dance,especially western watch Takarazuka opera company.
they dance and sing on the great footstep about 4-storied building!

original Girls' Generation(SNSD/소녀시대/少女時代/ソニョシデ)

少女時代 SNSD GENIE 仲宗根梨乃によるオリジナル振り付け 
choreographer Nakasone Rino,she is an Okinawan.

Gee しょうわ時代 (爺爺爺-昭和時代)
SMAP Masahiro Nakai

SNSD?少女時代?(遠藤時代) 소녀시대?(엔도시대)
they are professional dancers.

宝塚大階段 段数 26段 前幅 14.6m Takarazuka 26steps high 14.6m
ベルサイユのばら'89 雪組「フィナーレ・ロケットダンス」

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