Friday, September 23, 2011

洗い茶巾 Arai-Jyakin washing purificator chakin

i should write up the summer otemae ; procedure for making tea,araijyakin but now is in autumn.time is spending very quickly.and me will be older day by day... ε-(;ーωーA フゥ…
and i had a mistaken that araijyakin (washing dishcloth) and chakin-shibori (wring dishcloth ) are different,chakin-shibori is for winter.

茶道(葉蓋で洗い茶巾) habuta de araijyakin  Otemae with leaf cover

Arai-jyakin ;Tea cloth washing was performed at first by Oribe Seta who was one of  Rikyu's Seven philosophers, at the time called Susugi chakin ;rinsing dishcloth.

feeling cool from filled water naminami in Hira-chawan ; flat tea bowl
feeling cool from dishcloth filling water like sound Hitahita.
feeling cool from the water dripping potapta from dishcloth when pulled from the water.

sound of Zaa and the water when dropping the water from filled in chawan ;bowl to Kensui ;the wastewater receptacle.
you'd never think such a challenge to the five senses sharply,like who used to the modern air conditioner.




Gently squeeze the tea cloth over the tea bowl,and squeeze firmly transferred to Kensui; the wastewater receptacle.

expanding the edge....
Folding three times to have a rounded bulge.

how to Araichakin temae

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