Sunday, September 11, 2011

whale meet sashimi 鯨の刺身買ってきたよ

beautiful and peaceful picture....but Christian Riese Lassen is fraud ..............nor he might be a nice person, only the pictures shop are fraud. walking in the street, the salesmen are coming up to me,and they set up selling one copied picture about 500000 yen ; $6250 or more.
i buy the Whale meet sashimi now at my near supermarket during the course of our walk.
the package is drew green bamboo,very beautiful.
but taking good picture is very difficult, julienne of Japanese radish look dirty...that was half price in night sale.$4→$2

in my childhood,the raw meet of whale Sashimi was very expensive,rich men or public officials only could eat it in Ryotei; traditional Japanese restaurant.
i know whaling issue, at all possible i dislike to kill whales.
i felt sorry for hearing the whale crying.then i promised not to buy or eat them about 2000 when green peace was fulling the movement.
japanese fishermen are very inhumanness. instead of them, we should eat beef!!

but recently,i heard the news that some whale fishermen suicide because their living became hardly. then i realized my ridiculous mistaken. finally i buy Whale sashimi!!

the whale Sashimi is nice taste,healthy,having good nutritional balance. meltingly delicious,but no fat.φ(*゚▽゚*)ψ

字幕【テキサス親父】 またも笑わせるシー・シェパード!危機?

i hate Sea Shepherd!!they play just commercial deals,racists.
thank you very much dady,i am awakened !! we love Texas daddy!!

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