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National Anthem of Manchukuo 満州国国歌(大満州帝国国歌)

National Anthem of Manchukuo 1932~1945


1933 Anthem

天地內 有了新滿洲 (Now) there is the new Manchuria on Earth,
新滿洲 便是新天地 the new Manchuria is our new land.
頂天立地 無苦無憂 造成我國家 Let us make our country to be upright and free of sadness,
只有親愛竝無怨仇 with only love and no hate.
人民三千萬 人民三千萬 Thirty million people, thirty million people,
縱加十倍也得自由 at ten times more we should still be free.
重仁義 尚禮讓 使我身修 With virtue and li, rectified am I;
家已齊 國已治 此外何求?with family in order and with the state well-ruled, there are nothing I want.
近之則與世界同化 For now, may we assimilate with the world;
遠之則與天地同流 for the future, may we follow the ways of the Heaven and Earth.

1942 Anthem

神光開宇宙 表裏山河壯皇猷 With the Universe created in God's Light, the vast land strengthens the Emperor's rule;
帝德之隆 巍巍蕩蕩莫與儔 So full is His virtue, so wide that it is beyond compare
永受天祐兮 萬壽無疆薄海謳 May He always receive divine guidance, with his years surpassing the sea;
仰贊天業兮 輝煌日月侔 [Let us] worship the divine work, its glory equals the sun and moon.

Japanese Hepburn romanization English translation

大御光 天地に充ち Ohomi-hikari ametsuchi ni michi Filling the world with Divine light,
帝徳は 隆く 崇し Teitoku wa takaku totoshi The Emperor's virtue is noble and worshipped.
豊栄の 万寿ことほぎ Toyosaka no banju kotohogi Let us salute him with long life and prosperity
天つ御業 仰ぎまつらむ Ametsumiwaza ogimatsuramu and we revere the Emperor's deeds

The capital of Manchuria 1/2 満州国国都、新京《前編》

The capital of Manchuria 2/2 満州国国都、新京《後編》

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