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春香伝 Chunhyangjeon (춘향전, 春香傳) korean love story

春香伝 Chunhyangjeon (춘향전, 春香傳)
japanese manga version by clamp

The Korean older love story like Romeo and Juliet. Joseon Dynasty Sukjong era.
MongRyong, Lee Namwon who is the first son of Namwon governor,he is trapped in house to study Imperial Examination test to study ordered by his farther in koul.One day,he goes out to get some fresh air,sightseeing on quonharuruwon with servant who is guardsman's daughter Banja.then he finds an the unusual beauty girl playing on the swing of Boys' Day.
he asks to Banja and knows that her name is  ChunHyang Sung who is retirement gisaeng Walmae's daughter.he orders to Banja to call Chunhyang but she goes away with her servant Hyangdan,leaving with one talented poem.
"geese are following into sea, butterfly are following into flower,crab are following into whole"
he understands the mean that "meet me directly by yourself",then he visits her house at night.MongRyong pray with Walmae who is mother of ChunHyang that forever conscientious love to her,then Walmae accept them.since she had good dream at previous night. ChunHyang have let signed promise they on her wore chimachogori to pledge for a hundred year by MongRyong,then they can marriage bed at this night.

spending like dreaming days,one day his father advanced eastern minister,then he has to follow to Hanyang.
Walmae and ChunHyang are crying and they divorced with vow to meet again.
*although ChunHyang grow up as a noble woman for her father who is ryanban noble rich class,but she is just daughter of Gisang courtesan on legally then they could not marriage,just mistress was ok. if they marriage before pass the examination, MongRyong would be fallen down to slave class,his name would be purged from family history.

After leaving his family, Pyonhakudo is coming as Namwon governor who is famous lecher.He heard rumors of beauty ChunHyang in Cole Namwon,he appointed in a hurry,declined the job of a good place Sofun or Miryan,then received the appointment of government Namwon as dare.since only three days later he arrived,he quickly opened the exhibition to choose his Gisang.but ChunHyang didn't participate it.then he angry beastly,and called ChunHyang on the eastern eave.
he insisted and ordered her to go in bed that "you are a Kisaeng;sex slave followed by ignoble law that conform to mother class to descendent",
ChunHyang refused him that "i am not a Kisaeng since my name is not listed in Kisaeng failing.also i promised to my husband for a one hundred.i can't follow with two men"
then Pyon had more angry,ordered caning torture for her,and forced her to be a kisaeng but she refused again.

ChunHyang got chucked into jail as a sinner,and decided to be put to death on Pyon's birthday.
At that time MongRyong was studying hardly,and passed as first honors.
The king ordered him as a secret agent for king ordinary who observed officer instead of king's eye,he went to success his dream but didn't forget the engagement with ChunHyang.
he was ordered for the check in Namwon,then he visited his hometown disguised as
beggar wore with ragged cloths,and he heard from variety farmer Pyon's maladministration.also heard and surprised the rumor that ChunHyang would be as prisoner.

when MongRyong went to meet ChunHyang's mother and declared that "i surely help her",but mother was fallen down with crying to see his dressed beggar.
mother taught him that ChunHyang would be killed tomorrow after the Pyon's birthday party.
he had to hidden his real identity as incognito,he went to jail figured as beggar,and met with ChunHyang secretly.
but MongRyong said " i love you even you are a begging, give up me" and she hoped him only in funeral to console her dust.

And  feast was opening... MongRyong is nice in movie.
he insists on pretending an "Aristocracy" to be down-begging, and success to participate in the banquet.
he provokes Pyon and let put him the phrase that two chinese character.then MongRyong replayed to write something the poem and leave away.
but the written poem was included great and sarcastically,then clerisy who are knowledgeable could realize something.

When the realized attendees leave their seating,MongRyong appeared with dressed ryanban's beautiful cloth,and he expanded his yellow fan.
suddenly, hidden many law enforcement officers appeared around and screamed "Omo! ! Omo! !" and beginning confiscation sean.

then he caught Pyn Hakudo, and called ChunHyang and met her as "emissary".MongRyong ordered her "Worship me"but ChunHyang doesn't raise her face then she can't know that he is ChunHyang ,then she refuses too.However, ChunHyang shows the ring that proof to promise, and she turns to look and find the dignified figure of her lovers! !

later MongRyong corrected the evil politics,he confessed that she is the kiiseng 's daughter honestly to the king.then king permitted them,then MongRyong and ChunHyang could marriage and lived in city together.

it's an emotional true love story.
but the fact story is sadly,ChunHyang seemed to be suicide after leaving MongRyong.
thanks for reading.

小说   据说,故事最早产生于十四世纪高丽恭愍王时代,直至十八世纪末、十九世纪初李朝英、正(注:英、正时期系指李明二十一代王英祖(1724-1776)和二十二代王正宗(1776-1800)统治时期。)时期才最后形成一部完整的作品。 先后出现过全州土版《烈女春香守节歌》、京版《春香传》、汉文版《水山广寒楼记》、《汉文春香传》和抄本《古本春香传》等多种不同版本。1954年,朝鲜作家同盟出版社以《烈女春香守节歌》为底本进行整理、校注,题名《春香传》出版
























流传与定型   据说该故事早在14世纪高丽恭愍王时代就已经产生。18世纪末、19世纪初,李朝英、正时期(指李朝21代王英祖(1724-1776)和22代王正祖(1776-1800)统治时期)才最终形成完整的作品。在流传过程中,该书先后出现过包括以下重要版本在内的多个版本:


Pansori (Korean Opera)

'Pansori', often referred to as Korean Opera, is a type of traditional Korean music which tells a themed story in the form of music theater, with two musicians sharing the spotlight- a singer ('sorikkun') and a drummer ('gosu'). The singer plays the central role through his singing, words, and body language while the drummer plays an accompanying role by providing the rhythm and shouting words of encouragement to add to the passion of the performance. With a distinct, inimitable sound, rhythm, and singing technique, Pansori is truly representative of Korea's unique cultural landscape.

Pansori first emerged during the mid Joseon era (1392-1910), when common culture began to evolve. The scribes of Pansori and the year of their origins are hard to pinpoint- it began as an oral tradition that was continued by professional entertainers. During the Joseon era, entertainers were regarded as lowly peasants, which explains why Pansori remained mostly in commoners' circles. But towards the end of the Joseon era, aristocrats took notice- and the audience for Pansori operas increased.

Originally a collection of 12 operas, there are now regrettably only 5 that come down to us today- Chunhyangga, Simcheongga, Heungbuga, Jeokbyeokga, and Sugungga. A Pansori performance is lengthy, some even taking from 4 to 5 hours to complete. In 2003, Pansori was officially recognized by UNESCO as a important piece of world culture.

Pansori's 5 'Madang'

(* The 5 Pansori operas are called 'madang', a word which literally means courtyard but carries strong ties to traditional and folk games. In short, Pansori was considered a form of traditional play. The suffix of 'ga' at the end of each 'madang' name means 'song'.)

Chunhyangga: The old novel 'Chunhyangjeon' in opera form. The love story of Sung Chunhyang, the daughter of a courtesan, and Lee Mongyong, the son of an aristocrat. Of the 5 Pansori 'madang', it is valued the greatest in terms of musical and literary achievement. Famed portions of the opera include 'Sarangga' (love song), 'Ibyeolga' (farewell song), and 'Okjungga' (prison cell song).

Simcheongga: The old story of 'Simcheongjeon' in opera form. Simcheong, the daughter of a blind man who sought to regain her father's vision by offering rice at a temple, she sold herself to a boatman as a sacrifice to the ocean in exchange for the rice. The Dragon King of the sea, however, was touched by her love and rescued her, reuniting her with her beloved father. A child's love for the parent is the central theme of this story.

Heungbuga : The old story of 'Heungbujeon' in opera form. There are two brothers, Nolbu and Heungbu. Nolbu is older and wealthy, with a wicked heart. The younger brother, Heungbu, is poor but is a kind soul. When Heungbu comes into fortune by helping a swallow with a broken leg, the envious Nolbu purposely breaks the leg of a swallow and fixes it before setting it free in the hopes that he will be likewise awarded. The simple moral kernel of the tale is that goodness is awarded and wickedness punished.

Jeokbyeokga: A portion of the Chinese tale 'Samgukjiyeon' transferred into opera form. Famous songs include the 'Samgochoryeo' and 'Jeokbyeokgang River Battle'.

Sugungga: The old story 'Tokkijeon' in opera form. When the underwater Dragon King falls ill, he sends a sea turtle to land in order to find the liver of a hare to use as medicine. The opera contains much humorous banter between the characters. (From the Tour to Korea)








その頃モンリョンは、大志を貫くべく必死で勉学にいそしみ、なんと科挙を主席で合格。国王から、かねてからの夢「密使」という非常に重要で位の高い役職をあたえられます。 密使になったモンリョンは、様々な悪政を取り締まるべく、物乞いの衣装で国中を巡回してて・・・そこで、「チュニャンが前夫への貞操を守るため、ハクドにたてついて、ゴク中に居る」との噂を聞きます。驚くモンリョン。







こういう話だったんだねー。うんうん。感動的なお話だわ。映像とバンソリが融合した、美しい純愛のお話でした。純愛だけど、連日愛し合うシーンは、完全R指定だけどね(笑) 「春香伝」

朝鮮朝スクチョン(粛宗)時代。 ナモン(南原)府使の子イ・モンニョン(李夢龍)は、父の任地の南原コウルで科挙試験の勉強のため閉じ込められていたが、気晴らしに官衙の 召使いパンジャ (房子)と廣寒楼見物に出かける。そして、端午の節句のブランコ遊びをする娘たちの中に飛び抜けた一人の美人を見つける。パンジャから退妓ウォルメ(月梅)の娘チュニャン(春香)だと聞いたモンニョンは、チュニャンを呼んでくるようにパンジャに催促するが、チュニャンは"雁随海、蝶随花、 蟹随穴"という一編の詩を 残して下女ヒャンダン(香丹)と去っていく。チュニャンが残した詩が、「直接自分を訪ねなさい」という意味だとわかったモンニョンは、夜中チュニャンの家を訪ねる。モンニョンは、チュニャンの母ウォルメにチュニャンへの心が永遠に続くことを誓い、ウォルメも前夜見た夢を吉兆と信じて快く受諾する。その夜、モンニョンとチュンヒャンは百年佳約を契り、彼らの愛は燃え上がる。

夢のような日が続いたある日、モンニョンは東部承旨に昇進した父のイ使道についてハニャン(漢陽)へ行くことになり、ウォルメは嘆き、チュンヒャンは涙でモンニョンと再会を誓って離別する。モンニョン一家が離れた後、南原には、好色漢で名高いピョン・ハクドが使道として赴任してくる。彼は、南原コウルの チュニャンの噂を聞き、ミリャンやソフンといった良い場所の職を辞退し、敢えて南原府使の任命を受け、急いで赴任した人物。赴任後たった3日であたふた と行われた妓生点考にチュニャンが出てこないことを知ったピョン使道は、東軒にチュニャンを呼び入れる。彼はチュニャンに「母が妓生ならば奴卑母法によっ て娘のおまえも妓生だ」と言い、自分の寝室に侍ることを強要する。しかしチュニャンは、「妓生の名簿に載っていないので妓生ではない。自分はモンニョンと 百年佳約を契ったので二夫従事はできない」と拒む。腹を立てたピョン使道は、チュニャンに杖打ちの拷問を加えるが、チュニャンは節介を曲げない。
Quwanharuru 広寒楼 in Namwon built 1419





Le Chant de la fidele Chunhyang (trailer)   *caution adult only!!
in this movie, ryanban and confidential king agents didn't hold swords.they held bow and sticks.when secret service found wrong ryanban misruled in local region,they had set afire to his grand houses and confiscated all of his estate included his slaves,and ordered to kill whole of his family surely children or women and relations. so what the history of haidong gumdo and kuk sool won are fabricated.

사랑 사랑 내사랑.flv

this is north korea movie version.beautiful song.

春香伝 chinese opera version

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