Sunday, September 18, 2011

the House of Sharing statement of Yi Yongsu ナヌムの家

the House of Sharing
Yi Yongsu

84 years old (DOB 1928)

“I’m so indignant, I think I’m going to drop dead! Oh, bring back my youth!” shouts Grandmother Yi Yongsu.

She was born the only daughter among many sons in a poor Daegu household in 1928. From a very young age she worked in factories to help her family. In 1944, at the age of fifteen, she was abducted to Taiwan, where she was made a sexual slave. At Ms. Yi’s "comfort station,” the majority of visiting soldiers were members of a kamikaze suicide squad.

Ms. Yi, always bright and cheerful, received an honorary graduate degree from Gyeongbuk University and is passing her old age vigorously engaged in all sorts of activism. She travels around Korea and Japan giving testimony about her experience of Japanese sexual slavery, participating in demonstrations and other events, pressing the Japanese government to accept responsibility for its war crimes.

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