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Celtic Spiral From Eroica with Love

Speaking about Switzerland, i imagine the german Maj is annoying his father and says that "You've got to write your not completed memoir in Switzerland forever!"

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エロイカより愛をこめて (33) 青池 保子
From Eroica with Love Yasuko Aoike

"From Eroica With Love" - Celtic Spiral

"Celtic spiral"is the prestigious masterpiece in "Eroica" while be represented after the Cold War, Finally i can read through the book.

"Eroica" is one of my top three favorite manga. not Exaggeration to say it changed my life .really. The story is interesting, the pictures is fine, good men and nice lines in dramatic composition.

the story of "Celtic Spiral" is as follows.
 "Sirius" ,the codename is the mysterious terrorist who plans to outflow the nuclear materials from nuclear power plant in Bulgaria, and to use it to terrorism. the NATO intelligence officer Major Eberbach keeps track him, whole the episodes in three volumes.

the sinister councilor of EU helps the drained who is leaked by CIA, and Revealed. the councilor's one of the interests is  Celtic, Countess Gloria aims his treasures of Celtic, and he impedes the duties of German major. do not bother spree.

there are stage where many rural or small-town in France and Germany, and the depictions of the city and stationery from the dishes, ranging from special forces uniforms, in ultra-precision, want to observe carefully.

the most favorite dialogue,
"i can't see nothing in the dark, then its useless to use my eyes,then close my eyes," laughs laughs laughs.

Un-fucking-believable, stingy James . Early times but James was a nice man.

vol 18 emperor waltz

Celtic Spiral







『真っ暗闇で何も見えない もったいないから目を閉じよう』笑笑笑。






全体的には、絵が昔に戻ってきている??? 12月の『プリンセスGOLD』でエロイカ復活するらしいんで、今から楽しみ

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