Thursday, September 8, 2011

a German Jewish claims japanese war crime.
a German Jewish claims japanese war crime on youtube.

  • @HaedongKumdoIsaLie Sorry for the misunderstanding again (I'm not very good at typing what I mean); I am not attacking you. However...I don't think you can deny that Japan was excessively burtal in it's campaign for ultimate power in the East? There are countless photos of Japanese executing innocent civilians and even Japanese soldiers stabbing babies and putting them on their bayonets posing for a picture. Is it so hard to believe Japan did the same to Korea? War is awful but theres a limit.

  • @HaedongKumdoIsaLie LOL You misunderstand sir! That is what Mu Sool/Kuk Sool is made up of. Sipalki (Chinese), Muye24Ban (Japanese/Chines), Wing Chun (Chinese), Hapkido (Japanese), etc. What I meant with "whats the matter with you two" is this: why do you feel the need to attack people on youtube? This is honestly the most I've ever written on a computer outside of paperwork and it just seems uncecessary. A phone call would do, no? Where are you located? What is your school webpage?
  • @HaedongKumdoIsaLie MU Sool Won not KUK Sool Won. We don't spew lies about ancient Korea being the center of it all. At my school, and you can ask any of my students this, I teach that the joint locking comes from Japan and many of our forms and weapons come from China. I am very open minded about where our stuff comes from and in the past I did believe the Korean propoganda. I am in agreement with you sir that factual information is most important.

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