Friday, September 16, 2011

boycott Kao cosmetic product, wake up japanese women! 花王不買

today japanese Ms.or Miss women have demonstration against japanese Cosmetic beauty company Kao in Tokyo. Kao products domestic cleanser, sanitary, skin care, familiar with women but it is one of the big sponsor of Fuji TV.
in japan, broadcasting TV business is monopolized the market for only 5 or 6 big company as financial clique. they are NHK ;state channel, NTV,TBS,FUJI,TVA,TVT,only.
then we don't have the right of freedom of watching TV, be brainwashed easily by TV before someone knows.
inserted on subliminal image, music, biased media account has been an issue for a long time. projected the problem and we realized was just about Beijing Olympic. TV and newspaper raised up china studiedly,ignored Tibet massacred intensively. then we are becoming to understand the problem of biased media.
recently they use heavy-handed tactics to sell Korean music or drama, ironically japanese women especially mothers are irritate now. boycott Kao soup!

if you hesitate it, don't watch my show,change your channel,over to you.
by Takeshi Kitano
Kao customer service Yatabe said that "if you dislike our products, please don't buy them"
OK,we don't buy Kao soup or laundry soap anymore.
we continue the movement of voicott Kao till the stock would be fallen down.

4452 花王

jap18 means that Fuck the bitch, sousuke Takaoka, 
sipparu gesseki boji jaji. 한글 많이 알고 있어!(·∀·)
Fuji TV staff 木下悠貴 japanese byword name ; Yuki Kinoshita, true name  ; Yuki Park 朴悠貴,
he is Korean resident in japan.

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