Friday, September 23, 2011

class in Joseon,Kuk sool won

Why Kuk Sool Won?
class in Joseon 両班 (yangban) - 中人 (chungin) - 常民 (sangmin) - 賎民 (chunmin〔for example, 奴婢 (nobi), 巫堂 (mudang) or 白丁 (baekjeong)〕) Among these, a monk belonged to 賎民 (the social pariah) in the Joseon era. For Buddhists around the world, Korea is the object of contempt because of the Joseon's crackdown on Buddhism. 賎民 included 軍妓 or 辺妓. These are certain kinds? of comfort women, and a monk was equated with those lower classes. In all kinds of occupations, the position situated below a monk was only 白丁 (baekjeong). HaedongKumdoIsaLie

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