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Quwanharuru 広寒楼園 in Namwon korea

Quwanharuru 広寒楼園 in Namwon 남원
 広寒楼園 Winter Park Tower Wide:広寒楼苑(コンハンヌウォン)

1419, built at King Sejong age in Joseon Dynasty,originally known as Guangtong.
in 1444,renamed "Quwanharuru" by chong inji  (Jeong Inji  1396~1478) who was one of the scholar made hangul, a Neo-Confucian scholar ,he was impressed the beauty.
in 1598 the war of keicho no eki;Japanese invasions of Korea imjin war,for the sake of japan fired it,once lost. rebuilt in 1638.
 chong inji

the garden of locale "Chunhyang "  is closed by south city. "Quwanharuru " is named royal palace in moon kingdom, have lake and bridges. the garden is decorated as  Penglai mountain where hermits lived in eastern china.

in fact,there was official whorehouse for hetaera.

<under the Eave was prison>
enter the main gate of garden  and the right, there is the visitor center. the woman of Japanese translation guide who volunteer to guide with me. she said that Building the garden as symbolizes the universe. the large palace is imaged as the moon palace. Unfortunately not be permitted to step up it, it has the higher floor, Ms.volunteers talked the ridiculous story. When World War II, using the columns of this floor,for making a small room to the prison. its frabjous that japan had burned it at hideyoshi older age, and then using prisons.

mochi thinking....

korean always attribute the bad occasions to japanese responsibility.
did japan really burn the garden?
in japan, pls image Shogi, we use and rebirth the dead pieces like as Roman army. if the army was japanese, they would want to get the hub for soldier's camps in immaculate condition.
the perpetrator who burned Quwanharuru was Ming Chinese and korean army.
they favored to get the scorched earth policy from ancient times.

in addition the story to using under the Eave to prison, its plausible premise,but pls think deeply,if using like it, where was the toilet? even if the prisoner,they have to eat every day, where was the kitchen? there has abundant moisture in it, the post would be decay. korean story are very venomous...included propaganda naturally.

「 広寒楼 」 は1419年、朝鮮王朝の世宗大王 の時建築され、元々は広通楼と呼ばれていました。その後、その美しさに感動した鄭麟趾が広寒楼と改名しました。後の慶長の役の際、一度焼失してしまい、1638年、現在の様子に再建されました。



広寒楼苑の正門を入るとすぐ右に観光案内がある。ボランティアの日本語案内の女性がその日は暇だからと付っきりで案内してくれた。なんでも広寒楼苑は宇宙 を象徴して作られているそうだ。広寒は月世界の宮殿をイメージしている。残念ながら上には上がれない。床が高くなっており、ボランティア嬢がとんでも ない話をした。太平洋戦争の時、この床下の柱を使い、小さな部屋を作り監獄 にしたと言うのだ。その昔は焼き払い、その後は監獄に使うとは。

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