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the plot of Iljimae 一枝梅 イルジメ

 Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief : 일지매

Il Ji-Mae is korean historical and fantasy drama,it is very fun.
but there are some comical point one of that is similar black ninja appears in Joseon age.i finally understand why some korean youtuber insist that Ninja tou (sword) was originated in korea and introduced to japan.
for some reason  Lee Junki put chemical mask like Kakashi of Naruto.
the angle of camera is similar with ASSASSIN'S CREED.

On a night when the plum blossoms were in full bloom, young Geom (actor Yeo Jin-gu) witnessed the death of his father. The black emblem engraved on the sword shone under the moonlight... His father’s blood was splattered on the plum blossoms... After that night, Geom’s life became a wretched existence. He was adopted by a thief, Swe Dol (actor Lee Moon Shik) who named him Yong.
One day, Yong (actor Lee Joon-ki) remembered his past when he was being chased by a group 13 years ago (1644. 22nd year of King In-jo’s reign). Thoughts of revenge didn’t occur to him. His dreams were to be reunited with his mother and sister, recover his family home, and live with his family again. But when he finally met his sister again, she was executed in front of him. Revenge was all he wanted after that. Yong has a tattoo of the black emblem, which he saw on the sword that killed his father, engraved on his chest.
With the skills he learned from his foster father, who was a small-time thief, he obtained information from the nobles by committing his first break-in. But he left behind a plum blossom by accident. When the officials found this evidence, people began calling him “Iljimae” which means "A single stalk of plum ". From then on, he left behind a painting of red plum blossom to mark his presence and prove that he was the burglar everytime he robbed a house. Yong discovered the existence of a secret list, with the names of all the members of the secret Tianyou Clan while slipping into a nobleman’s home in search of the sword with the black emblem. Yong recalled that his father was a member of the secret Tianyou Clan. He then decided to use Eun-chae (actress Han Hyo-ju) to obtain the full list. Under his meticulous plan, Iljimae approached Eun-chae. Eun-chae fell into love with Iljimae and the feelings became mutual but he kept his focus on getting revenge and holding back on telling the truth to Eun-chae.
The royal court was deploying all their forces to capture Iljimae. Shi-hoo (actor Park Shi-hoo) failed to capture Iljimae twice during a stakeout. But Iljimae suffered a deep gash from Shi-hoo’s sword. Bong-soon (actress Lee Young-ae) discovered Yong lying half-unconscious from his wound and she took him to her foster father Gonggal, who saves Yong’s life. Yong then found out that Gonggal is one of the two legendary assassins and begged Gonggal to teach him martial arts. The stories of various incidents involving Iljimae spreaded among the people who began to worship him as the hero of the commoners. Iljimae robbed more noblemen to the delight of the people.
Royal palace prosecutor Shi-hoo became obsessed with catching Iljimae. King In-jo felt threaten by the growing reputation of Iljimae as the king of the commoners and wanted him captured at all cost.
Mysterious deaths kept occurring after the death of his father. Small nail scratches are found on the dead bodies that keep turning up. The shocking truth emerged... Who wielded the sword with the black emblem? Iljimae then bravely embarked on his final mission!

a sprig of plum flower 일지매 (一枝梅) / Iljimae

イルジメ"ILJIMAE" 「一枝梅」MV(通常版) 이준기 イ・ジュンギ(Lee joon-gi)
Ryo Yoshimata 吉俣良- 화신(花信) Flower Letter (Iljimae 一枝梅 OST) Iljimae ost1-lee junki
korean traditional execution...split up the body by cow. Dismemberment was executed since ancient period in all the world,but china and korea are favored the execution much more.  Irujime (Lee Jun Ki) at his chirldren age,he saw his father's execution, in disgrace Dismemberment. which was the ultimate sanction to be cut by four horses pulling the legs and arms in each direction. also for himself to live, he throws some stones to his mother's head when be arrested. イル・ジメ(イ・ジュンギ)の父が逆賊のぬれぎぬで死を迎えた状態で、両腕両足を各方向に四頭の馬で引っ張り切断する極刑を、幼い息子が目撃するシーンや、自らが生きるために、連行される母の頭に息子が石を投げつけるシーンがあります。
teacher Kakashi  29years old.
obento Kakashi lunch box with kakashi
吉俣良 「篤姫・メインテーマ」 Ryo Yoshimata

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