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swiss self defense and japanese article nine of the constitution 

Switzerland is a permanent neutral state. In fact, since the approval by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Switzerland has kept the peace nearly 200 years in a long time.
However, Switzerland  can not keep the peace just declared "i'm neutral" at all. While declaring the neutral, most was invaded in war histories.
Switzerland, to keep our neutral and to defend the peace, not only with the army, making a lot of fallout shelters at the town, civilians organize the disaster prevention organization for private sector.

民間防衛 新装版―あらゆる危険から身をまもる

quotes from P12
"do we have the dangerous condition?"
This book was written on the assumption that our country shall be subject to future threats.

When peace shall be forever guaranteed us, why need for military defense and civil defense. every people wants peace.
Nevertheless, nobody feels that being freed from the obligation to prepare for war, since history teaches it us . Swiss have never dreamed that any aggression.

However, we hope to survive.
Switzerland respects the rights of each neighbors.
However, we do not want to be absolutely devastated by the neighbors.
Switzerland  cooperate to the best performed of constructive acts by human beings all over the world.
However, we do not want to do ordered it ourself from others.
Switzerland as a industrialized  and commercial nation,  trading in the world under the conditions of free competition, Swiss products received high reputation at large, its prove to the conscience of our public profession.
However, depending on such the evaluations, Swiss, it will not possible to stand outside in the Great War.
Switzerland's strategic position in Europe is tempting for other countries.
the transportation network, appears to be indispensable for those belligerents.
Put simply, we do not have the right to stand passively escape around.
We are forced to prepare for the occurrence of any situation, the reality is the simplest. 

Security in our country is depends on whether or not to effort defense in our military and civilian. , what we can not think of another thing today against thought of yesterday all anyhow. By collectively decided today that we do personally, tomorrow to be depends. like our parents were worried about us, we should consider our children.
Freedom and independence is the most precious in our assets.
- Freedom and independence is absolutely not be given. Freedom and independence is the right must always abide,it is simply never get defensive by only words or protest.  to request with the weapons in hand, could be obtained for the first time.

To promote the common welfare for all citizens, giving strong force to the  nation while them joint it, on the other hand their own citizens are freely for ideological, language and spiritual traditions. Individuals can be have the freedom at first if there is freedom of the whole community. We should observe it.

"Article 9" The Constitution in Japan, its mistake that japanese is only the the peace constitution all over the world.
there is a different way of the expression, 182 rigid constitution in the world , there are 149 countries which Constitutions are included the pacifist clause. the rate is 81.9 percent.
the constitution of 84 countries where was established since 1990, that the rate are higher.Peace clause, the provision has the norm in most countries.

The major difference between Switzerland, japan is as equal as the irresponsibility nation, like sing a peace clause and end with it. as opposed to japan, people in other countries are declared that to protect the people's lives, property, land and the closed sea, the necessary of the holdings the military or organization. and clearly the responsibility of the defense in accordance with an awareness to all citizens, to clarify the obligations of the defense, however how can we coping in the emergency provision.

quote from "to be Noble, strong and beautiful"
Author: Yoshiko Sakurai

Amending article nine of the constitution is now high on Japan's political agenda.

war-renouncing Article 9

Article nine of Japan's constitution states "the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes."

from eijiro


我が国の安全保障は、われわれ軍民の国防努力いかんによって左右されるということである。 きのう考えたことと別のことを、きょう考えるわけには、どうしてもいかないのだ。われわれが個人的に集団的に今日決意したことによって、明日が左右されるのである。 親たちがわれわれのことを心配してくれたように、子供たちのことを考えよう。 自由と独立は、われわれの財産の中で最も尊いものである。--自由と独立は、断じて、与えられるものではない。 自由と独立は、絶えず守らねばならない権利であり、ことばや抗議だけでは決して守り得ないものである。手に武器を持って要求して、初めて得られるものである。


「第九条」 日本国憲法は、世界で唯一の平和憲法  の誤り



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