Tuesday, July 3, 2012

let's making Umeboshi, pickled plum!! 梅干し


its long rainy season on this year, when coming Baiu season,its the sign to pickle up plum!! i always put up 10kg plums every year,after a few years Umeboshi is very delicious and mild!!

but for some taihoon and long rainy days, the plum is very expensive than last year, i has bought Nanko-ume (Wakayama super plum) 680-780yen/kg $9,but on this year the same lank plum are sold about 980yen/ $13!!
its expensive....then i search cheaper one,a few kg buy in each case.

i put following my family's traditional recipe,its reducing salt 10%, although usually people put with 15-20% salt.

per 1 kg Plum salt 10%, 80cc distilled spirit;Shochu white liquor for disinfection, a sheaf of red hypersthene.

1.put the plum's debutton softly
2.put plum in water a half hour,don't put more, the plum would be broken when put in.
3.knead red hypersthene with salt. the general receipt explains that don't use with water,but i knead leaves with salt and water to clean up the scum. using and cutting a part of above leaves of the red hypersthene, i don't use the leaf near the root since it is hard. week later,when rising up plum juice, put knead red hypersthene.
5.just waiting for a year!!

 this is non flash version.

a ton of the leaves of red hypersthene.

with salt,the red color would change,its little bit dark, but don't worry, the red will rebirth when put it in plum juice.

its put 10 days before

the a lot of leaves is too shrink!!
i am lazy....comb out culm with more carefully.....

this is Japanese ginger pickles with sweat vinegar.
its crisp,very delicious with hot rice!

its put before a week......i gets moldy.....oh my 3000yen $40....
i tried the recipe 15% salts version without white liquor.....

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